Sunday, January 1, 2017

Suppliers Review: Norly Dizon (Emcee)

Emcee: Norly Dizon - óóóó (4.99 stars)
Peso Power: 8,000

Norly is such a good host and gee, he sings very well. He was able to manage our program very well even if started a bit late due to Makati day. Just imagine, he crunched the entire program for 2 HOURS! The only reason he is lacking 0.1 star was because during the start of the program, he incorrectly said my name. LOL – which was actually just fine for me, but since this is our wedding, my mom had freaked out and immediately corrected him. Besides, most of the people who barely know me would call me Kristina, instead of Katrina.    

He also gave us a free receptionist for booking him early and I can say that Ms. Lala was very helpful too. I believe she was the one who took charge of the music queue, registration and signing of the guestbook. They were both punctual and were already at the venue at exactly 4PM, even if the start of the program is not until 6PM.

What I also love about Norly’s services is that you can easily get in touch with him, not just via email but you can call or text him anytime.

Oh before I forget, he was able to convince hubby to do this garter dance which I didn’t know that Mark would be able to do so. LOL. 

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