Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm officially Mrs. A already!

Hi Ya'll! 
Wedding's finally over! Thank you so much for all the support and for all the advices. Today, I am officially signing off as the certified bridechilla. Thank you to the thousands of readers and followers who have supported this blog. 
To all the bride to be's out there, no matter what kind of problems you might encounter on your most awaited day, just smile and leave everything to GOD. Believe me, no matter how long you plan for a wedding, there will still be glitches no matter how much you try to stay away from it. But since my friends find our wedding perfect in their eyes, I will no longer share what really happened the day before and few hours before our big day. aha!) What's important is at the end of the day - you get to exchange vows with the man you truly love, in front of your friends and families and to the MAN up there! Cheers!

See below posts for our suppliers review ♥

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Same Day Edit Wedding Video

Sharing our same day edit wedding video ♥♥♥
Song: You're My Bestfriend
Artist: Queen

Kat & Mark SDE from Francis J Cataquian on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suppliers Review: Zandels Mini Cooper (Bridal Car)

Rating: óóóóó (5 stars)
Rates: 6,000 – 4 hours rent, Just Married Plate, Flowers plus a very nice kuya driver!

I didn't cry as i marched the aisle, but i cried before
i went outside the car!
It's not that easy to get outside of mini cooper most especially
if you're wearing a gown plus a high heeled shoes ☻

Two thumbs up for this supplier! My guests were amazed and stunned by our bridal car. Everyone wanted to take a picture of it. Though I am REALLY the star during that day, it was as if I am some sort of super sikat na artista (Sarah G, i suppose) hehe ☻. All the people on the road while we’re on our way to the church, would stop and take a picture of me. (or the car lang ata talaga) hehe. Kids and oldies waved their hands at me, as they see the bridal car along the stretch of Makati.

Added point was that kuya driver was really nice. He was very supportive and concern about my giddy feelings. I can still remember that he held my bouquet and hanky, because he saw that I am already experiencing heebie-jeebies due to over-excitement. Kudos to you kuya for the concern you have shown to me that day. 

Suppliers Review: Edible Wedding Favors (Oatmeal Cookies by Macey)

Rating: óóóóó (5 stars)
Rates undisclosed; EXTRA super presyong kaibigan! :D haha

Long before Mark and I started with wedding preps, I have been a big fan of Macey’s oatmeal cookies already. I would order dozens of cookies from her, stock it on our pantry, and munch it whenever I want. My mom, who is also a diabetic, loves her cookies. Even my dad and my little sister who happens to be very mapili enjoy eating it. Sama pa natin my in-laws; because her cookies are really delicious!

And since her cookies are delicious plus affordable, I asked her to make cookies as a part of our wedding favors.  True enough, my guests really enjoyed munching it (plus the fact that the reception started a bit late) and were thankful that we gave these cookies while waiting for the program to start. 

While she baked the cookies, I am proud with the workaround that Mark and I did for the packaging! We only used the ordinary brown paper bag and stapled the wedding favor tags I have created thru ;)

I just realized that I used the word cookies too much! 
Contact Info: 09224748566 & 09157995212
She also makes cupcakes, banana bread, snickerdoodles, choco chips, blueberry cheesecake and so much more!

Suppliers Review: Rachebeli Wines (Souvenirs)

Rating: óóóóó (5 stars)
Rates: 4,700+ (2 dozens of Black Plum wine, 2 dozens of chocolates)

While I had a hard time looking for generic favors for our guests, I never had difficulties scouting for a supplier that would provide affordable yet elegant souvenirs for our principal sponsors. WE are the lucky couple who were able to grab the opportunity of their group buying promo.

Chelo is very easy to deal with, very down to earth and religious. She makes sure to update you about the progress of your orders. When she delivered our orders last May 23, I was really happy to see her and was really amazed by her personality. We instantly clicked! 

All of our ninongs and ninangs really loved the wines we gave them. Sayang lang, since the wines were such a big hit during our wedding day, we weren’t able to keep our own wine as a souvenir. But at least, we still have the cappuccino bars.

Some might say that wine giveaways for principal sponsors are already “gasgas” – but I never had any regrets booking them because their wines don’t look gasgas after all. THEY ARE ABOVE THE EDGE; ELEGANT; BEAUTIFUL and REALLY WORTH IT! 

Suppliers Review: Berjaya Manila Hotel (Hotel Accomodation)

Hotel Accomodation: Berjaya Manila Hotel ó (1 star)
Rates: P12,000

This hotel almost ruined our wedding preps and ruined our first day as husband and wife.  Sigh! Let me just re-post what hubby’s sister in law posted on her FB wall.

If you want to experience great DISAPPOINTMENTS, check in at Berjaya Hotel. 1) they told us we can check out at 2pm upon check-in but asked us to leave at 1230pm because they are fully booked. We were even willing to pay for an extension just so the groom will not be displaced since the wedding is not until 4pm. 2) We got stuck in the elevator and the emergency call/ringer was not working. The cctv, we also do not know. If my husband did not bang the door so hard and we did not shout for our lives nobody will know soon enough. When the elevator opened all we heard was "sira ang elevator lipat na lang kayo sa kabila". What!? they knew about it but still let people take that lift?!? 3) we found out yesterday that the bride & groom got locked inside their suite. And the hotel had the nerve to be angry because they locked the main door. Uh security?! Call was made at 6am but the staff said they can't do anything until 8am. WTF! --- with all these, not even a single apology was extended by the hotel management. As if nothing happened. NOT RECOMMENDED!

My husband trying to open the door. 

After they broke the door knob just so we could go out. WHAT if there was a fire?! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Additional Services by Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs

Hi ya'll! Infinite Events by Mr. & Mrs. are pleased to announce their add on services for all infinite couples & non-clients to make YOUR engagement and weddings stand out! ♥ 

Dance Choreography - Have you heard about the latest craze about weddings these days? Now's the time to make your groom dance for your grand entrance or even connive with the whole entourage.

Prenup Shoot Styling - Okay, so who doesn't want stunning pictures eh? The Bride and Groom is the main ingredient for the shoot, but getting a stylist would make your pictures even look better. Pictures will really turn out to be exceptionally memorable. The team will help you out with the conceptualization, theme, shopping and even create inspiration boards. To top that, they will assist you during the prenup shoot.

Personalized Wedding Accesories - Say goodbye to traditional accessories, and hello to personalized accessories. From boutonnieres, pillows, corsages, bridal bouquet and so much more! The team will create these paraphernalia's to match your theme.

For more information, you may contact them at: +63917.994.8300

Suppliers Review: Rosys Bridal Shop (Wedding Gown)

Wedding Attire: Rosys Bridal Shop óóóóó (5 stars)
Rates Undisclosed
I didn't have a bridal form - good thing a good friend of mine (Thanks Joyce) gave me a customized wedding hanger as a wedding present. 

With my 3 beautiful sister in laws ♥
We really got a very great deal with Rosy’s and we never had problems dealing with them. With all negative reviews I have read about them on the Internet, it was such a relief that hubby and I didn’t encounter any problems with them. I loved how they made Mark’s suit and it just looks good on him.

On the other hand, I couldn’t say that I love the way they made my wedding gown, because it wasn’t really designed for me – but I felt that it has been designed exclusively for me, because the gown I wore during my wedding day was  RTW (ready-to-wear). Indeed! I never provided any design nor experienced several fittings, since this gown was just perfect for my size. Now, who would have thought that this is an RTW gown, eh? :D 

Suppliers Review: Crystals and Beads (Wedding Paraphernalia)

Wedding Paraphernalia: Crystals and Beads óóóóó(5 stars)
Rates Undisclosed

Everyone loved our wedding accessories, most especially my wedding bouquet. This is actually a labor of love by my friend, but since I have paid her, might as well give her the well-deserved supplier’s review.  I am not giving her 5 stars because she’s my friend, but because she was able to make such stunning paraphernalia’s. Hazel, the brainchild of Crystals and Beads has such a vivid imagination, and can turn any ideas to something tangible. Just like my wedding bouquet, which was supposed to be plain pink became a stunning Hello Kitty bouquet.

She was also the one who made our customized wedding cord (as her gift to Mark and I), the crystal pens and boutonnieres. 

More of Crystals and Beads:

Events Simplified Anniversary Promo

Events: Simplified is having an anniversary promo! ♥
For more info, you may contact: Karmie Vidallon at: 0923-7315594. 

Suppliers Review: MV Balo (Hair and Make up artist)

Hair and Make Up Artist: MV- Balo óóóó (5 stars)
Rates Undisclosed

MV was introduced to me by a fellow GirlTalker (Thank you sis Anne) and I am very thankful that with the thousands of make-ups focusing on weddings, Mark and I booked MV as our make-up artist. She is very talented and with powerful hands and “magic” strokes, she instantly turned me to a beautiful and blushing bride. I couldn’t even believe and almost cried my heart out when I saw myself in front of the mirror. She is really amazing, and almost everyone (especially my husband) loved my look on my wedding day.

Aside from being the HMUA, MV played the role of my MOH during wedding preps. She was the one who comforted me during the time I was about to break down to tears due to nervousness plus excitement. She was with me the entire wedding preps (not because she’s doing my makeup) but was also with me emotionally. She even accompanied me in the bridal car going to the church just to make sure that I’ll be fine and wouldn’t burst into tears again. ☻

She’s not just my wedding supplier, but with her good heart, we became good friends already. 

Suppliers Review: Alpha Events Management

Emcee: Alpha Events Management (Wedding Coordination) - óóóó (5 stars)
Peso Power: 4,500 (Hotel and Church coordination)

I wouldn’t know what I would do without them on our wedding day. They were really hands on and would do anything for the bride and the groom. I was able to book them at a discounted rate (from 7k I guess down to 4,500) and I’m proud to say that I am one of their happy and contented clients.  They seem to have all the solutions to any problems that may arise during a wedding day.  They were very concerned and super particular with the details of the wedding.  (So to Billy, Ghie-Ann and Cherry, sobrang salamat sa inyo!) –also to Marj who have been very helpful the entire wedding preps.

And again, before I forget, even if we only booked them for hotel and church coordination, they also helped us in the reception without asking for an extra charge! Beat that? 4,500 for an OTD already. Haha Such a great steal! 

Suppliers Review: Great Eastern Hotel

Great Eastern Hotel - óóóóó 
Peso Power: 98,000 (Good for 100 pax)

More pictures here

I have read negative reviews about the hotel, but since our budget for the wedding is only limited, Mark and I never had hesitations dealing with this hotel. The way how they took care of us, and managed our endless revisions in the contract was really SUPERB. The negative reviews about their reception didn’t give too much justice with the way how they handled our event. They were 100% A-okay and was very accommodating and hospitable. It may not be as lavish as the other hotels in Makati, but their services really exceeded our expectations.

To be honest, few weeks before our wedding, I had doubts with the way how they are going to facilitate and decorate the venue, but the moment hubby and I had our grand entrance on the staircase, I was really stunned with the way they decorated the venue.  

When it comes to food, I can pretty say that even if the set-up is lauriat, the servings were more than enough. I can’t vouch for the taste, because hubby and I weren’t able to eat during reception due to excitement. hehe. ☻

However, if I am going to rate their food in Cafe de Chine (GEH's buffet) I am going to give them a perfect score.

Suppliers Review: St. John Bosco, Makati (Church)

St. John Bosco Makati - óóóóó
Peso Power: 23,300
The altar is really magnificent

Don Bosco wasn’t actually our first choice when hubby and I scouted for churches. However, when we both decided to held the wedding in Makati, St. John Bosco became our first choice because I have been familiar with this church during college days. We were both hesitant to do book due to its price; but we really got our money’s worth since dealing with them was such a breeze. Mark and I never had problems dealing with them, and they provided and lectured us more what we need in preparation for our married life. They gave us a couple of seminars that also helped Mark and I strengthen our love for God and our love for each other.  The coordinators were really “hands on” during the wedding, and it was really stress free. Oh by the way, our officiating priest was really good too!

The package includes: Flowers, nuptial mass, AC, white curtain, unity candles, red carpet.

Downside: As compared to other churches, their package does not include the singer/organist – so you ought to bring your own musicians. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hair and Make Up by MV Balo

My modern look for wedding day :) Hair and make up by MV Balo 

My non floral wedding bouquet

My non floral wedding bouquet :)
Made of sequins, faux pearls and crystals. Plus a recycled Hello Kitty pendant from Divisoria. LOL! 

Thursday, May 31, 2012