Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Rachebeli Wines Label

As early as June of last year, hubby to be and I already booked Rachebeli wines just to get the freebies included on their summer sale promo. We were able to get such a great deal from them, and was too happy with the decision to give out wines for our PS, even if this souvenir is quite ‘gasgas’ already.

What I really love about this kind of souvenir is we don’t have to think about the packaging and labels we need to do; most especially that Rachebeli takes care of this task. Their clients just need to provide the materials such as the soft copy of their invitation and their favorite pre-nuptial picture on a high resolution.

I am satisfied with the output, because it’s as if our labels were created to match our wedding invites. I showed it to one of my officemates to get constructive feedbacks, and they said that it is really lovely and Rachebeli did a good job editing our wedding invitations. Now I am wondering how they were able to do it since the file I sent them was a PDF file. Tee hee.

Overall, I would give them 5 stars for being consistent and for fulfilling the lead-time they have committed. Our next step would be the delivery of the items, and I can no longer wait to see the finished products. I’m excited how the layout would fit on the wine bottles and custom labeled chocolates! 

And here's our DIY wedding invitations. ♥ haha

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