Monday, August 29, 2011

Flower girls

Little girls look very cute and adorable every time they wear a dress. (as in any type of dress, whether it’s colorful, plain, lots of ruffles and the like)  How I wish looking for a wedding dress as well as with the bridesmaid’s dress would be that uncomplicated and effortless as looking for the little girl’s dress.

So this wouldn’t be a challenge for me anymore, since there are many designs that I could choose from the Internet for my flower girls. =) 

The dress I want them to wear on my wedding day must be something they can also wear during regular days (going to mass, mall) – so lace and ruffles is out of my list. Also, I don’t want them to get uncomfortable and get itchy with the dress, so – tulle is a big no no for me! ;)
Here's what tulle looks like: 
Disclaimer: I have nothing against with dresses that has a tulle, but I just don't want 'em for my little girl's dress
Here are some sample dresses that has a tulle: 

In contrast, here are the designs that I want them to wear ♥

For sure, they would look charming and uber gorgeous!

Opppss! Sorry, I can't help but post this cute girl!!! ♥♥♥
Aside from their dresses, I am planning to have them wear a headband, instead of the usual head dress (fresh flowers). This is actually much cheaper and they can also use it after the wedding (estimated cost is only 80. This is also available in the busy streets of Divilandia and Baclaran. Peso power? 20 to 50 pesos). For those who do not have an idea of the price for head dress, other florists give it as a freebie, while others charge it depending on the flowers that will be used. -- Peso power is: 200 and up :)

Here are the sample head bands I am eyeing for. These are also available in SM Dept stores (kiddie section)

The only challenge here is to find something that would much our wedding colors. (brown and pink) Something similar to this :)

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