Monday, August 15, 2011

My blog was featured in Female Network ♥

I got pretty keyed up plus 100% delightful when I found out that my blog  was featured in

I felt very proud and overwhelmed since I didn’t know that my wedding blog will be posted on their website. *Kilig* -- most especially that I know deep down inside, that I am not a good writer. LOL. 

That's my blog!!! ♥
To all the admin, thank you so much for featuring my wedding blog on your site! I found more ways to be inspired on blogging our wedding plans. ☻ Thank you too to my fellow GT sisses, who also inspire me from time to time. They have been so nice and never get tired of giving advices, most especially if wedding jitters and bride-to-be rants start to arise. I love you girls! (emote much) hehe.

While still having the delightfulness, let me share the monograms that one of my fellow GT sisses created for Mark and I ;) -- ; Abbey’s (shoptart1103) so nice that she even took the time to create elegant monograms, as per my request. She also loves creating logo for future couples, as a part of her creative outlet. Check out some of her works at:

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