Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Interactive Wedding Map ♥

I admit I never knew how to read a map, and have no plans learning how to interpret it. :D I am not good in sketching either so it would be too complicated for me to create a map, or to provide directions to our beloved guests on how to get to our wedding ceremony and party. We’re lucky enough that the location of our wedding ceremony has famous landmarks, so guests wouldn’t have a hard time finding it. 

However, having a map would also be useful, most especially if one of our beloved guests doesn’t have a sense of direction. LOL. (Much like me!) Good thing, I found this very useful website where B2B’s can create their own map (Virtual – they can post the link on their wedding website, or they have the option to print ‘em out).

 Wedding Mapper saved me a lot of time and annoyance trying to explain the points and instructions how to go to our wedding party. I actually enjoyed creating our own wedding map, and it looks very personalized!

Here’s the link for our wedding map: http://www.weddingmapper.com/don_bosco_makati/visit/0iaqf3

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