Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The practical wedding entourage dresses ♥

Since I‘ve blogged about my dilemma about the wedding gown yesterday, let me start my day or should I say night, by sharing about the dress I saw few months back in SM Dept Store. After hearing the news about the time management of Rosy’s, I am already thinking of just buying entourage attire on the mall for my ladies. If I am going to compare and contrast this constructive idea, cocktail dresses on malls would win through.

Pros: More reasonably priced; Can be worn during ‘regular days Matches our motif; many colors to choose from (I just hope this is still available early next year); type of cloth is very comfortable to wear

Cons: If we are going to buy the dress in SM, we won’t be able to provide our own design, for this reason, the style of dresses are only limited.  

Why buying the dress in department store is more favorable? It’s because we will be able to save and cut down to 50% of the actual wedding costs for the entourage gowns. For sure my ladies would love this idea since they are the ones who will pay for their dresses.

Peso Power for Dresses in SM/ Landmark: 589 to 800
Labor and fabric for usual couturier: 1200 to 3000 (Rosy’s quote to us was 1,200 depending on the design)

For other bride to be's who are also looking for reasonable cocktail dresses can also check Get Laud. ♥


  1. Hi Mrs. A! I really find your blog so helpful for my wedding plans for 2013. I googled about GEH, clicked some links and found your website. Thanks for sharing all your wedding details here. You're big help! God bless you always!

    1. awww! thank you so much Ianne! :) happy preps! :) let me know if you have questions. Enjoy the rest of the wedding preps, you'll surely miss it (as much as i do) hehe. ♥ God bless you so with your hubby to be!


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