Monday, September 12, 2011

Corsage + Bouquets = Crystals and Beads ♥

After a few days of deliberation, Mark and I decided to have bouquets and corsage made of crystals on our big day.  Yes, crystal bouquets nowadays are quite expensive as compared to flower bouquets, but lucky me, I have a friend who’s going to create the entourage bouquets for me at a much discounted rate! As early as now she has started creating samples for the corsage that my principal and secondary sponsors would wear on our big day. Since our motif is brown and pink, brown crystals and beads will be used for gents while pink crystals and beads are for ladies =)
Here’s the sample pink corsage she created for the ladies. 

There's the pin! ♥

The wire is covered with organza cloth, and there’s a security pin at the back of the corsage. Goodness, I feel that this is the most unique part of our wedding, and I feel that my personality is really on this concept – most especially that I am into crystals! 
One of these days, I'll pay her for the materials that will be used (labor is love) ♥, and I have a great feeling that I will be the only bride who will have her wedding bouquet 8 months before her wedding day. haha! Excited much!  ♥
For my flower girls, instead of having them hold a crystal bouquet, I am thinking of having them embrace a stuffed toy on my wedding day. Just like the picture below:
Ysabela Florist would still be our supplier for flowers, but since I have decided to have crystal bouquets, we're going to have them decorate the church instead as a replacement of the wedding entourage flowers we have agreed during our conversation.

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