Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY: Wedding Cord

Now that we’re complete with the list of our wedding suppliers, it’s about time to check for wedding “paraphernalia’s” such as the arrhae, coin, matches, wedding cord and the like. The first three bits and pieces I have stated is one way or another easy to find. However, on our wedding cord, I thought it would be difficult for us to find someone who knows how to do it, since we wanted it to be tailored according to our wedding colors. If I am only creative, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to do the cord, but thank heaven to my friend Hazel who knows how to do trinkets, is going to create our wedding cord as her gift on our big day!

Earlier, she showed me the materials she’s going to use as well as with her inspirations. She printed out pictures she downloaded from the Internet and these designs were also custom-made for  previous brides. So say good bye to the traditional colors of wedding cords and hello to the new colors that would suit the modern brides, - just like me =) 

After all, it’s still the couple’s choice what type of cord they want to use; whether crystals, rope, beads, I am pretty sure, it will still symbolize its main purpose – that the two persons who vowed themselves in front of God are no longer two but one in their new life as a couple =)

 Will post the pics of the finished product once she's done beading our wedding cord!

For other brides who are looking for suppliers who customize wedding cords may also check:

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