Friday, September 9, 2011

Save the date ♥

By the time Mark proposed to me, I have been a keen member of Female Network, to the extent that my blog even got featured on one of their segmens.  :D I subscribed to more than 20 threads and was lucky enough to find an idea from other bride to be’s too. Most of the ideas I’ve posted here on my blog, and will be executed on our wedding day actually came from my online friends, who eventually turned out to be my friends.
Yes, it’s really hard to plan for a wedding most especially if a bride doesn’t have a wedding planner. However, since hiring a professional wedding planner can get a big chunk of the wedding expenses, Mark and I just opted to plan the wedding by ourselves plus with the help of our friends too.
Looking at my posts from the previous months, I can truly say that I have already gone a long way and can really feel that we’re almost getting there. I feel so proud that Mark and I were able to do all these things.
So for all our friends, who have received the link for our wedding website, we hope that you can join our most-awaited day! Please do save the date for our intimate wedding. 
Save the Date courtesy of Norly Villar (Thanks bro!)

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