Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brown Crystals Boutonnieres

I’ve been into crystals lately and so with my friend, Hazel. That’s why after we have discussed how many boutonnieres, pens and mini bouquets she’s going to do for my wedding, she immediately brought new samples of brown boutonnieres that our male entourage would wear.
We opted to have plain brown crystals for them, since it would be awkward if they are going to wear pink ones. And since not all gents appreciate pink, we ended up choosing plain brown for their boutonnieres.  
Brown for the boys, pink for the girls ♥ -- we're going to make the pink one a lil bit smaller, just like the brown boutonnieres ♥
The final design for male boutonnieres ♥
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For bride-to-be's who wants to have a touch of uniqueness on their wedding day, may also contact my friend for custom boutonnieres, crystal bouquets and the like ♥ She has ventured into this beading business already. 

Name: Hazel Peña
Contact numbers: 09157983425/ 09284385736


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