Friday, March 23, 2012

Before and After ♥♥♥

 I WAS afraid to fall in love not because I don’t want to get hurt but I was too afraid of rejection. I grew up in an environment where my classmates and friends used to tease me endlessly, that I am FAT. Yes, I was really fat way back then, and almost weighed 200 lbs. I had a hard time walking and would always end up wearing maternity dresses since no jeans and shirts would fit me. I accepted the fact before that I will never GET married. Thinking that a guy can never fall in love with me because of the way I look.

I even said before, who would ever fall in love with a girl who looks real fat, plus the not so fair skin and the squashy hair? Even the guy whom I used to like before would pretend as if he doesn’t know me; if my friends would tease him that I like him. So that made me realize I need to do something about it. Not because I want someone to love me, but I need to do something that would help myself. Something that would regain the self-confidence and esteem I have lost. The challenge? It’s for me to shed a lot of pounds and to think as if I am normal just like other girls who can wear clothes of their size.

Up to this moment, I am still afraid what other people might think of me. And no matter what upright things they say about me, I would always consider that they are just making fun of me.

After a couple of years (fast forward I must say); everything had changed. I am already going to marry the prince charming I have dreamed of and I am proud to say that he accepts me no matter who and what I have been gone through (except that he still couldn’t believe the pictures  and still laughs at me every time he sees it) LOL.  

and this is me right now! ♥


  1. Galing ng dedication mo sis! Cute ka naman dati. Pero ngayon, beautiful and sophisticated na! :)

    So happy that you're living a healthier lifestyle and you'll be marrying your prince charming soon!

    Best wishes! :)

    - shooting_star (GT)

    1. sissy! ikaw lang nagsabi sakin na cute ako dati! ahahah! i ♥ you!!! namimiss na kita sa GT. mwah!!! ;) take care always sissy


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