Monday, March 26, 2012

Working on our guest list ♥

As early as December, h2b and I already started working on our guest list so with the seat plan. I always thought of it would be easier for us to revise the seat plan once we are done with the list. So even if one guest wouldn’t confirm or won’t be able to make it on our big day; it would be easier for us to give that person’s seat to someone else.

Though we started early, we had endless revisions. Additional guests arise, while some would request for additional seats. However, in as much as we would like to accommodate each and everyone’s request, h2b and I won’t be able to grant their request. After all, Mark and I really wanted to have to have an intimate wedding. This is a special event where two hearts become one. An event that I consider more significant than a family reunion.

I am happy that a lot of our beloved relatives would like to witness this special day. I just hope that they can understand that we cannot invite each and every one of them. I am also hoping and praying that they would follow the rule of thumb on our wedding day – and that is to confirm if they can attend our big day. And they get to follow the seats we have reserved for them.

Arranging the guest list so with the seat plan. For the record, h2b and I already revised the list for more than 15 times already, and we haven’t finalized them yet.

This is the latest list we have so far. I have revised the seat plan that GEH provided us, because their copy doesn’t look really pleasing to the eyes. I love GEH, but I hope they get to revise their seat plan. If you’re going to have your reception in the grand ballroom of GEH, just let me know so I can send you the newer and cleaner version of their seat plan. :D hehe 

Invite only the people that matters to you and your other half. People who witnessed how your love prospered. Remember,  this is your wedding; not your friends’ not your families; but your OWN. Bottom line, if someone isn’t nice to you, DON’T invite them. As much as possible, try to narrow down your list, and make the most-worthy people be on your top list.

When it comes to pondering which friends you ought to invite, contemplate of those who would love to witness your exchange of vows and be happy for you. You do not want to invite someone who is really nosy and would say bad things about your special day.  Your wedding is not a time to pay someone else’s back or to make other people happy, notwithstanding your own principles. This is your event, not theirs. 

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