Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wedding Jewelries and accessories

I love wearing pearls; as in I wear pearl earrings no matter what outfit I use, to the point that I no longer remove it even if I go to sleep. But since this type of jewelry is not recommended during weddings, due to the presage it imposes, I am, left with no choice but to look for an alternative. I am still in the project of looking for my wedding accessories; and I am hoping that I get to find the pieces that would complete my wedding attire =) 

I tried a couple of jewelries and bought 4 pairs of earrings, but I can’t seem to find the perfect one. I don’t even know, and I am not really sure if this would match my wedding gown. Hhhm, how bad could it be if I wear pearls on my wedding day? I really want to wear one! But then I guess, there’s no harm in following some of the wedding traditions. :D It wouldn't hurt me anyway.

Here’s a glimpse of the earrings I bought last week. Yes,it's quite big for a pair of earrings, and it's a bit heavy. hehe. I have no plans in buying real jewelries anyway. My mom actually offered me to lend her precious gems, but I declined her offer to the reason that I am really not into gold. :D --but from what I read, a bride should wear genuine jewelries on her wedding day. Tee hee. 

and of course, I wouldn't miss a chance trying it! hehehe

For an OC bride, it really is hard to pick jewelries that would match our look and gown on our big day. But there’s one thing that we should always remember when choosing the right jewelries for our big day. Don’t OVERDO it. It’s really inviting to load up on trinkets and charms, but we shouldn’t let all those shining shimmering metals outshine us on our big day. So my take on it, the simpler the better. =)  

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