Thursday, May 17, 2012

RSVP Dilemma

8 more days! Oh no, I’m getting nervous already! And yes, we’re on a relaxed mode already (except for the guest list) ahaha! I guess, it really is hard to do an RSVP with SOME Pinoys. They will never really understand its importance. But that wouldn’t stop me from being too happy and giddy about our upcoming wedding. Let Go and Let God.

 We’ve done our part, and we’re hoping that they do their part as well. Come on people, we would understand if you can’t attend our wedding but would REALLY love it if you can come (WE REALLY DO). Just don’t make lame excuses because it's way too obvious. 

This is a big event that Mark and I have prepared for a year, and we would want you to be a part of it. The words: maybe, I guess, I don’t know, not yet sure are really unacceptable. 

Please appreciate that we have included you on the primary list of our guests, and as much as we would LOVE to invite all our friends and relatives on our big day, we CAN’T – because we have written your name first. That is because you are special to us. That we want you to witness as we pledge our Love in front of God. Isn't that wonderful? :) So please, my friends – help us by easing our “wedding load” by confirming. We only have a week to go before the big day ♥

PS: Mark and I are not good in decoding, so we wouldn't understand if you say BEST WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS, if we ask you if you can attend the wedding or not. hehehe. PEACE! ☻☻☻


  1. yes! i'll be there.. you may not see it in my face pero i'm very excited for this event.. i even bought a dress para sa wedding mo TL.. lol..

  2. ""These obnoxious people (who don't take the 2 minutes to respond) are the same people who would show up and b**ch about the lack of food and drink.""

  3. So true sis.. It's just sad that most Pinoys are not yet used to replying to RSVPs.

    kung magrereply lang sana sila e di hindi tayo aatakihin sa puso pag nakita ang number of guests na unaccounted for. hehe!

    god bless sis! so excited for your wedding. :D

    1. thank you so much sis! my WC offered to manage the RSVP, but i can't help na di mag worry. gusto ko ako una nakakakita kung sino makaka attend or hindi. :D i'm excited narin sissy!!! :) Weeeh!!!


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