Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY: Packaging for Bearers giveaways

“Too Girly” – that’s what H2b said when he saw the way I wrapped our giveaways for our bearers. He’s okay with the left over special gift wrapper that I used to cover the box, but he rapidly disagreed when he saw the paper flowers that I used to top it.

I find this still lovely, besides the bearers wouldn’t even notice that the way I wrapped their giveaways are way too girly – because they’re after what’s inside. We know how kids get too excited unwrapping a gift.

 If I remove the paper flower, it would look too dull. But according to my friend, the paper flowers make the gift more Wedding Appropriate. ☻ 

Here's what's inside the Too Girly Box. hehe. 

I'm still thinking to change the paper flowers to color brown though. :D 


  1. I love! It's a bit girly but it's great! Thanks for visiting The Blog for Brides! I'm excited for your wedding! =)

    1. thanks viviene! :) i'm excited too, and yes, a bit anxious. i have problems with our guest list too, i guess this is really part of the wedding planning - it really is hard to get a firm reply from our prospected guests. hehe. i guess it's too hard to say NO talaga. sigh. !
      thanks again! oh btw, i might change the paper flowers to brown. tee hee.

  2. Brown still looks good.

    And with the guest list! Hay even a day before, people are still confirming to us and some saying they can't attend THE LAST MINUTE. truly stressful! But in general, happy pa rin kasi we got to see those na friends tlaga namin. =)


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