Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Packaging for Groomsmen Souvenirs

With not too much experience of wrapping gifts, I actually had hard time thinking of ways how to wrap and decorate our giveaways for Mark’s groomsmen. His giveaways for his “boys” are too small and I found it quite a challenge because the tags we have printed out are larger than the actual souvenirs. Haha.

So, I had to cut the tags using normal scissors, since I couldn’t find my pinking shears. Ending, the curves that I want to achieve didn’t become too curvy, but rather inconsistent curves. LOL. But since Mark is very supportive with all my ideas, he found the packaging really likeable and presentable!

See for yourself.    

Here's what's inside: 

Peso Power: 754.50 for 7 lighters ☻
Lighters: Lighters Galore (100.00 each)
Gift wrapper : 39.00
Tags: 17.50

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