Monday, May 14, 2012

My Two Pairs of Bridal Shoes ♥

I’m a bit anxious since it’s going to be my first time to wear high heeled shoes on my wedding day.  I haven’t perfected the bridal walk yet, that’s why I keep on practicing for the past few days with my shoes on. Scared with the fact that I could get tripped not just on the wedding ceremony and the reception, I finally decided to get two pairs of wedding shoes for the sake of my toes – and saving myself from stumbling. Hehe.

1 high heeled shoes for the wedding ceremony, and 1 ballet flats for the reception. I badly needed these flats for the reception, most especially there’s a grand staircase on the venue. I also need these flats for the grand entrance scheme that Mark and I have been planning for a couple of days already. 

Supplier: Solemate & Centropelle ☻

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