Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Extra Special Month! ♥

This month will be very extra special because it’s my Birth Month and Wedding Month! Finally, the long wait is almost over, and looking at the Wedding Countdown, we’re only 25 days away from our most awaited day!

Just like other brides out there, we are already experiencing minor hitches to some of our wedding details. Flowers, gowns, guest list, proxies, seat plan, seating arrangement and so much more.  I guess no matter how much a hands-on bride I am, problems are really inevitable. Good thing I have a very supporting hubby to be, who always reminds me that everything will be fine on our big day.  He keeps on telling me that I shouldn’t stress myself thinking about every detail about our wedding. We should leave everything to the Man up There, and for sure, all our plans will be pulled off perfectly fine.
Everything is complete, and we’re too happy that we were able to accomplish the major and minor things we need to do. We’re done booking everything, and I can already feel that we can be at ease as early as now.  

Let me do a re-rundown of our suppliers for our big day!

Church – Don Bosco
Hotel – Great Eastern Hotel
Photographer/Videographer – KikongManlalarawan
Strings – Velvet Mood
Hair and Makeup – Make up by MV Balo
Wedding Attire – Rosy’s Bridal Shop
Bridal Car – Zandels Mini Cooper
Wedding Ring – My Gold
Wedding bouquet, Crystallized pens, Wedding  Cord, Rosary and Brooches – Crystals & Beads
Entourage Flowers – Ysabela Florist
Shoes – Centropelle and GBX
Wedding Coordination – Alpha Events Management
Emcee – Norly Dizon
Hotel Accomodation – Berjaya Manila Hotel
Van Rental – 1 4D Road
Principal Sponsors Souvenirs – Rachebeli Wines
Entourage Souvenirs -  Sweet Cravings, Lighters Galore, Toy Kingdom
Wedding Favors – Mazey’s Homemade Oatmeal Cookies
Photobooth – Picsteria Photobooth
Wedding Prints – Alpha Prints


  1. Hi Kat,

    Congratulations in advance! :) Looking forward to your reviews.

    It's one more month of quiet panic for me, hehe. :)

    Enjoy the remaining days as a single lady.

    1. thanky ou sis!!! :) good luck and malapit narin kayo! tee hee. ;) btw i saw your pic sa gown fitting, i can really feel na sper bagay sayo yung gown mo!

  2. Aww, thanks sis! And I'm excited to see your gown too. :) Super love ko yung mga DIY stuff mo and your cooking blog, hehe. I don't know how to cook, but makes it easier for me to learn with stuff you post online. :)


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