Monday, January 30, 2012

Snapshots from Engagement Photo shoot

Finally, after a few months of anticipation, we already had our E-session/ Pre-nuptial pictorial last Saturday! ♥ It was such a stressful, tiring yet successful pictorial. Even if it rained few minutes after we started the pictorial, the weather cooperated! Here are some pictures that my cousin took behind-the-scenes. I'm still waiting the official pictures from my photographer though. ♥

Preparing :) 

SOLE- mate! ♥ (check out what Mark's holding ;) )

The action star pose! ♥

Adrian, thanks for not letting me fall! :) Sitting at the airplane's wing is not that easy. :D 

The battered boyfriend! ;) 

Checking the pictures from my photographer ;) 

Mark and I really hate planking. So what we did is we "Planked" to show that we are ready to face/embrace hatred. LOL. ehehe

With my two lovely friends! ;) 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Say Yes to the Prenup dresses! ♥

Yesterday, before sleeping, h2b and I prepared the clothes we are going to wear for our engagement photo shoot. During the first few months of our preparation stage for this pictorial, we were too uneasy where to start, knowing that we have to shed a couple of bucks just to buy the clothes we need to wear for the prenuptial pictorial. A simple shirt would do, and a little touch of make-up I suppose; but since we both wanted to exude a “vintage” feel on the pictures, we ought to wear something vintage to match up the theme.

Guys, you know who you are, thank you so much for letting us borrow some of your clothes!!!  =) Now, since we have a lot of clothes to choose from, we’re now having a hard time which one to wear. Hehe. ;) 

Here are some of the pictures we took while we tried to mix and match the attires they lent us. ;)

Oh, it has been a part of my frustration to wear a dress, so I would like to take this opportunity to wear 3 dresses on our E- session. Haha! This is the first time I am going to post solo pictures of h2b and myself. hehe. :D  

Wedding gown ;) 

A real vintage dress - ♥ This was given to me by H2b's mom

Cocktail dresses for our Secondary Sponsors ♥

Ever since Mark and I planned for the wedding, I have been very serious looking for ways how to trim down our wedding expenses. I never get tired looking for other choices and computing how much we are saving for every penny that gets out of our project-wedding savings.

Being an uber-practical budgeted bride-to-be, I can truly say that I am already a fully-pledged lover of clearance and super sale in shopping malls! That’s what h2b and I usually do, every time we need to buy something for our wedding. We only go to the malls, 2 to 3 days after our payday, just to find great deals. That’s what we actually did for our wedding rings and most of our wedding accessories, and just two-weeks ago; we bought cocktail dresses for our secondary sponsors during one of the most awaited sale of every shopper – the YEAR ENDER SALE!!! =) 

Thankfully, we were able to find three dresses with same designs from the racks of Viola dresses; designed by Anne Bichelmeir. 

Simple, elegant and I must say, reasonably priced! Since Don Bosco enforces  church attire decorum, we're going to buy shawls for our lovely secondary sponsors, who also happen to be my H2b's sister! ♥

Please note that the brown brooch below is not included; the brooch is a part of our DIY's. ☻

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts about our upcoming E- Session

For the past few months, I wasn’t that really into our engagement photo shoot. However, as the pictorial day gets nearer and nearer, I am already starting to feel giddy, and cannot organize my thoughts which inspiration to follow – since my thinking cap is sharing too much ideas.

I always wanted to have a colorful yet “vintageous” photo shoot, that’s why we opted to have our pictorial at Philippine Air force Museum. Looking and searching for props to bring during the pictorial is not an easy task to do, but thank you to the ever reliable Internet, and I was able to find some pegs and mood board to fit in the theme that I want to happen. I am not that sure if my photographer would be able to pull off the ideas I have in mind, but I made sure that he knows very well the inspirations I have in mind – and I want to have a colorful, happy, vintage look on the pictures. Would that be possible? Hopefully yes!

I can no longer wait to wear the REAL wedding gown and other dresses that our good ol’ friends lent us for this pictorial. For the record, Mark and I didn’t have to buy our E-Session attires, since our friends are kind enough to lend us all these things! Thank you so much boys and gels.

As soon as the e-session is already done, I'd share some snippets and highlights during the photoshoot.  – I am still not sure if everything goes well as the way I envision it, but there’s one thing for sure that I do not want to happen during our e-session day, and that is to RAIN! :D

This picture was taken last year during our ocular visit in PAF. The girl in stripes is my MOH, while the girl wearing black is one of my bridesmaids ♥ 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding documents are Almost Complete ♥

Roughly 4 months to go, and we’re getting there already! I am very happy to say, that our documents are almost complete and we were able to secure some of the most difficult church documents to obtain. (The confirmation and baptismal certificate). I have heard some stories from previous couples that one of their partners had to undergo the sacrament of confirmation again, since their certificates are nowhere to be found on the church records. Fortunately, Mark and I didn’t experience this tight spot most especially that undergoing the sacrament of confirmation again really takes a lot of time.  I can still remember the time I had my confirmation way back 2003, I had to attend the church’s seminar for 3 consecutive Sundays.  Good thing there are churches here in the Metro that offers stress-free confirmation – to the extent that you can get your certificate of confirmation on the spot.

Aside from the 2 major certificates we were able to secure from our parishes, we were able to get the reply forms for our marriage banns already! Once we get the CENOMARs we have requested from SM Business Centers, our next pace would be application for MARRIAGE LICENSE. Woot woot!

My friend's wedding ♥

Yesterday, I was able to witness two lovely couples exchanged their vows in front of God and their loved ones. It was such a great feeling to see someone unfold the real meaning of Love – most especially these days that a lot of marriages are falling apart.

The moment I saw my friend marched the aisle to meet her husband to be (now her husband na) on super lovely wedding gown, I almost cried and can really feel the happiness in her eyes. It was one of the best weddings I have seen so far–nothing really beats an intimate and simple wedding. I am really glad that everything went well and no destructions happened on her most awaited day. I am really happy for my friend, most especially I know some of the most stressful moments she had during her wedding preps.

So to you Di, and to her hubby Karl, congratulations and best wishes to both of you! Just like what the priest said during the homily, marriages are not made in heaven. And if the time comes you feel something’s wrong with your marriage, please bear in mind that I am just here, to remind you guys, what happened on January 17, 2012. I will and always be thankful that I was able to witness your wedding ceremony. Again, congratulations and I am looking forward to see your cute babies!!! 

P.S.: Right after Di's wedding ceremony and party I felt more and excited and can no longer wait for my own wedding! Oh, I just can’t wait to exchange vows with my husband to be! ;) LOVE IS REALLY IN THE AIR THIS YEAR 2012!!!

With my fellow 2012 Brides ♥ Aileen who's getting married on March, Michelle on Feb, Me on May while Joyce on December ♥

While waiting for the ceremony to start