Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding documents are Almost Complete ♥

Roughly 4 months to go, and we’re getting there already! I am very happy to say, that our documents are almost complete and we were able to secure some of the most difficult church documents to obtain. (The confirmation and baptismal certificate). I have heard some stories from previous couples that one of their partners had to undergo the sacrament of confirmation again, since their certificates are nowhere to be found on the church records. Fortunately, Mark and I didn’t experience this tight spot most especially that undergoing the sacrament of confirmation again really takes a lot of time.  I can still remember the time I had my confirmation way back 2003, I had to attend the church’s seminar for 3 consecutive Sundays.  Good thing there are churches here in the Metro that offers stress-free confirmation – to the extent that you can get your certificate of confirmation on the spot.

Aside from the 2 major certificates we were able to secure from our parishes, we were able to get the reply forms for our marriage banns already! Once we get the CENOMARs we have requested from SM Business Centers, our next pace would be application for MARRIAGE LICENSE. Woot woot!

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