Friday, January 6, 2012

Our DIY Cootie Catchers Wedding Origami

I’ve been to DIY’s lately and been thinking of doing something unique to entertain the guests while waiting for the actual wedding programme to start. I was thinking of doing my own fortune cookie made of paper thinking that it would suit the food that we are going to serve; but for some reasons, I just couldn’t make the colored paper to look like a “real” fortune cookie – it looks more of a crumpled paper.

In lieu of the fortune cookie DIY, I found this online seller in ETSY doing Fortune Teller Origami or also known as Cootie Catcher. I bet most of the kids of my generation would find this unique DIY very familiar. This has been very famous during my childhood days and I can still remember the questions I used to write each portions. 

Doing this Cootie Catcher would also give our guests some trivia’s about Mark and I.
I am thinking to use this as an escort card, but knowing the number of guests that we might have on our reception means this DIY would really be very tedious. (like putting the names + table names on the cootie) So instead of making it as our escort card, we’d plainly produce similar cootie’s with our names on it – and make sure that each and every one of our guests get to enjoy and learn the trivia’s we are going to put inside the origami paper.  

You predicted your future mate with the help of a few paper folds; now you know who he is, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun with cootie catchers - Martha Stewart

Here are the sample cootie catcher's I've seen online - and I can pretty tell that this is such a unique way to entertain our guests! Just like our table names, we are going to use specialty paper for this cootie thingy. ♥

Pictures grabbed from:

And here's my DIY cootie origami!!! Disclaimer, this is not the type of paper I am going to use. This is just a plain bond paper! :D 


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