Monday, January 30, 2012

Snapshots from Engagement Photo shoot

Finally, after a few months of anticipation, we already had our E-session/ Pre-nuptial pictorial last Saturday! ♥ It was such a stressful, tiring yet successful pictorial. Even if it rained few minutes after we started the pictorial, the weather cooperated! Here are some pictures that my cousin took behind-the-scenes. I'm still waiting the official pictures from my photographer though. ♥

Preparing :) 

SOLE- mate! ♥ (check out what Mark's holding ;) )

The action star pose! ♥

Adrian, thanks for not letting me fall! :) Sitting at the airplane's wing is not that easy. :D 

The battered boyfriend! ;) 

Checking the pictures from my photographer ;) 

Mark and I really hate planking. So what we did is we "Planked" to show that we are ready to face/embrace hatred. LOL. ehehe

With my two lovely friends! ;) 


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