Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY - Wedding Matches

Yesterday, I started making our wedding matches. Ever since I found out that buying wedding matches from bridal shops are not practical (99 pesos for 2 matchboxes); I promised myself that I will do our own wedding matches for the wedding, and spend the most inexpensive way for this wedding paraphernalia.

After our marriage counseling last February 1 at Don Bosco, H2b and I finally had the chance to buy some DIY materials for the wedding ceremony. We were able to buy some goodies from NBS and we were also able to buy mini baskets and mints as a part of our DIY’s for the reception. I am still clueless how to pack the mints; but I already have an idea how it would look like. :D 

So let me share the prototype I did for the wedding matchboxes. I am going to revise these boxes a few weeks before the wedding.  

Damask wrapper: 12.50
Scrapbook material (flowers: 12pcs): 20.00
Commando Matchbox (8 pcs) : (yes commando! ): 14.00
Gluestick: Existing

Total Peso Power: 46.50

That's half the price based on the wedding matches I have seen from the Wedding Library. I can even make 8 wedding matches if I want to. haha! ♥


  1. Wow I am amazed by the efforts you put in your wedding. I am a 2013 bride, and I hope I can do it the same as you did :)

    1. Thank you so much! :) Good luck on your wedding preps. Cherish every minute of it. You'll surely miss it. God bless!


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