Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY - Accordion Pinwheels for our Table Names

After a couple of weeks contemplating what design to use for our table names, I finally found an inspiration from one of my favorite wedding blogs! I always wanted to have something that would look as if it’s also an additional centerpiece for our guests table. Thank you RuffledBlog for presenting so much ideas to internet savvy and budgeted brides – and I am so happy to find a unique and “cute” way to DIY our table names.

This is really easy to do, most especially that I used to make paper fans when I was still a lil girl. Doing this wouldn't really hurt your pockets most especially that you can use old books/ magazines instead of specialty papers.

Since I have been very excited when I saw this online, I created 2 accordion pinwheels as the prototype. I tore 5 pages from my wedding magazine. Hehe :D  (Sorry, I didn't have the time to cut the edges to make it look better) :D 

The Pinwheel on the left has smaller folds, while the pinwheel on the right has the bigger folds. I find the small folds much better. 

I am going to put bamboo skewers at the back so we can put it inside the flower vases.  Take a look at the sample below: Photo grabbed thru

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