Monday, February 27, 2012

2 months to go

2 months, yes, 2 months to go and I’ll be Mrs. Alcantara already! Can’t wait for that day, but with all the excitement that h2b and I feel right now, we’re also nervous at the same time. Good thing we started early with the wedding preps, and we’re not cramming that much. With only a couple of days left, here are the tasks we need to accomplish before the month of March ends. H2b and I are targeting to be on relaxed mode already by the month of April. (keeping our fingers crossed!)

*Claim our marriage license
*Distribute invitations
*Confirm RSVP (now this is the hardest part) we all know that there are guests who do not know how to confirm.
*Arrange Seat plan
*meet with suppliers
*DIY guestbook
 *Print all the prints? :D (I’m not sure with the term though, but I am referring to the thank you cards, misalette, wedding tags and the like
*Confirm layout with suppliers (photobooth, wine labels)

I couldn’t believe that the wedding preps we started last year are now turning into reality. ;) 

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