Monday, November 21, 2011

Trial make up by: MV- Balo (Make up Artist for Mac) ♥

Last Sunday, I already I had my trial make up with MV- Balo and to be honest, I am 100% satisfied with the way she handled the entire trial make up session. Aside from her being professional, she has this charm that would make her clients feel very at ease.
To give you a brief background, MV was referred to me by a bride to be to, who also happens to be my friend whom I met from one of the support groups over the Internet. That was the time when I was still scouting for suppliers that wouldn't hurt our pockets yet provide a very good service. I am not too fussy with HMUA suppliers, and I am not even very particular with the brands of make-up they are going to apply on my face, HMUA’s  since I I have no allergies with make ups. But luckily, MV is a make-up artist for MAC, so I am pretty much lucky to get her services at a very reasonable rate. ;) 
Sharing the unofficial photo's that h2b took during the trial make up session. I promise to post the pics once MV uploads them on her Facebook account. :D 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

KikongManlalarawan for Photo and video services

Last night, I had a smooth conversation with my photographer, and we discussed the packages I am going to get from him. I must say that he is proficient and professional with they way he deals with prospected clients. (ehem!) Here's a rundown of the packages we're going to get from him.

 a whole day of pre nuptial photo/video session*
-          post processing of all shots (photo and video)
-          3 professional photographers, 1 videographer and 1 editor on wedding day with Kiko as the main photographer
-          one framed  photo canvas print at least 16 x 20 in size
-          one main album with at least 150 photos mostly in 5R (5x7) prints
-           DVD(s) containing all photos (printed and not printed)  in JPEG and edited video
-          delivery of album, prints, DVD within Metro Manila**

Audio Visual Presentation featuring photos and videos from pre nup sessions, wedding ceremony. Includes additional two
            featured video (either slideshow,  MTV, short film or documentary)              
-          Full HD video coverage on including editing (wedding ceremony          
and reception).    

What I am really raving about is the Onsite video (SDE) he's going to present at the wedding reception. SDE nowaday's costs 15000 and above, and we got this at a very good rate. Such a steal! ♥

To give you a brief background, my photographer is my former- agent (but still my office mate) that’s why I was able to get a big discount to his professional services. With all the videos he showed me last night, I must say that he is adept in editing films and I feel really thankful to meet this person not just because he will be my PV but of course, with the major discount he gave us. hehe  The rates he gave me was his rates way back year 2010.

An Excerpt from about KikongManlalarawan
Francis had been a part time professional photographer for three years shooting portraits, weddings and other events in support particularly of independent music artists.
He had worked with bands like Makiling, syalaM, Bailan, Kinaiya, Diwa De Leon and David Sicam shooting performances, album launch and exhibits providing photos for their sites, portfolios and album covers.
Since 2008, he has been a part of Damayan, Interaksyon, Yamang Pinoy (D.I.Y), a collaboration with Filipino artists of world music genre showcasing the bands’ music while exhibiting his photography.
He is a product of Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) with veteran photographers Ador Pamintuan, Vic Sison , Ed Santiago and graphic artist Frando Culata as his mentors.
In his desire to pursue film making, he trained at Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) under multimedia expert Dennis Lucero, director Dale Custodio and cinematographer Paul Pangan.
Upcoming projects include MTV's for Kinaiya, wedding videos and short films teaming up with budding screenwriter Rodel Catapia. 

Here are some pictures I grabbed from his multiply site: Sorry Kiko, I grabbed the pictures without your permission. ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Affordable fascinators ♥

H2b and I went to SM Sucat to canvass some cocktail gowns for our secondary sponsors and we saw this accessory shop that sells fascinators that bride to be’s can wear on their wedding day. They have lots of designs to choose from, and mind you, the prices of these fascinators are more affordable as compared to some of the suppliers I have scouted. To my anticipation, I bought one fascinator that I am going to use on my pre-nup.

Peso power: 149 to 199 pesos
Name of shop: Accessorize

Wedding gown = checked! ♥

Last Sunday, h2b and I went to Rosy’s bridal shop to have our first fitting. It was such a fun experience since I got to try some wedding gowns available on their racks. Much to my surprise, almost all of the wedding gowns that are for rent fits my size, except the serpentine cut. :D I can truly tell that a girl’s aura really changes if she’s already wearing a wedding gown. To maintain the element of surprise, I will not post pictures of my wedding gown. But let me share the pictures that h2b took during our visit at RBC. 

I am also thankful that h2b already agreed to wear a suit instead of barong. ♥ 
Disclaimer: Pictures below are not the actual wedding gown pictures

For those who are curious about the prices of wedding gowns in Rosy’s bridal shop,their starting rates would be 1,295 and the most expensive gown they have is 30,000 (yes, you read that right, 1,295) The sad part here is that, I can no longer have the dream wedding gown design I have been raving for quite some time, since the design that I showed them costs 18,000. So say good bye to ruffles, but hello to laces and rosettes. ;) 
By the way, since Rosy’s bridal shop is on sale right now, and was kind enough to give me huge discount on my wedding gown, we were able to get a 3k plus discount! ♥

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our crystals and beads wedding paraphernalia's

Earlier this morning, I already showed mom the wedding paraphernalia's we are going to use on our wedding day. I was quite uncertain to show it to her since she always make a fuss about about we, buying stuff way too early! :D
To my surprise, the moment I handed her the boxes of boutonnieres which actually turned out to be brooches, she got teary eyed and was in high spirit about these paraphernalia's. She even exclaimed that she can no longer use her brooch. And ask me to change the wedding at an earlier date. (but of course,  she wasn’t serious about it)
Since she got too thrilled about these things, she kept all the pens (with beads) and requested me to DIY new pens instead since she wanted to have all these pens. Given that I love her that much, I agreed and immediately said yes with her request.
Our DIY - matching rosaries! :D

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wedding rosaries in the making ♥

Yey! Since Hazel got inspired beading some of our wedding accessories, she already showed me the rosary that Mark would have on our most awaited day. Tomorrow, she promised me to bring all the wedding accessories she made just for me.
Thank you so much Hazel!!! (my office mate, my GT sis) I promise to endorse you and give you customers as soon as you start venturing into this business. I am your number one fan, and of course, your first customer. :D hehe

Hazel used acrylic beads for Mark's rosary. Gee, I can't wait to see my pink rosary! Anyhow, here are the materials used for our matching rosaries: 
For my pink rosary ;)

Our sample wedding invitations

Earlier this morning, I printed the invitation template I have edited the other day to check how the actual size would look like. To my surprise, I was very happy with the results and my friends who saw the sample were really amazed by my DIY layout invitations. I found more ways to be inspired and to do more DIY’s for the wedding. Designing our own layouts for the invites was a great move for us to cut down wedding costs. Good thing I was able to find an alternative way how to design our invites, most especially that I have been dying about damask invitations! Damask invites these days cost 60 pesos and above.
Here’s a quick look of our invitation layout. Yes, we do not have an envelope, but what I love about this is the sticker that we would use in front of the main cover with our initials on it. Unfortunately, the colored printers here in the office are not working (Thank  you Joseph, haha) that’s why the sample I printed was just black and white. Nevertheless, it still looks great (for me and my friends) :D
I had to edit the picture to blur out the names and other wedding details on the invite, so please bear with the quality of the pictures. 

Of course, for the actual invite, the staple wires won't be visible anymore, plus we are going to use specialty papers. To top it all, the text would be embossed. ♥  And instead of black and white, the colors would be Brown and Pink
Here's my inspiration when I created these lovely invites (ehem)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping for wedding accessories

Yesterday, H2b and I went to SM Mall of Asia to watch Praybeyt Benjamin ;) However, since it’s been awhile since the last time we strolled the mall with more than enough money on our pockets, we actually ended up buying some of the wedding paraphernalia’s we are going to use on the wedding ceremony :D
We already bought 5 stuffed toys for the flower girls (stuffed toys in lieu of flowers), arrhae, and the bible.
Bible – St Paul’s – we bought it for only 300.00. I’m going to ornate the front cover with beads instead of buying a pre-decorated bible. Pre decorated bible costs 1000 and up these days.
Arrhae – Wedding Library – I am not familiar with the price of arrhaes, but we only bought our arrhae for only 179.00.
Stuffed toys – Toy Kingdom – We bought 5 stuffed toys for our flower girls. Instead of them carrying a basket filled with flowers, we opted to have them carry white teddy bears instead. To prevent these cute bears from getting dusty, we had them individually wrapped. Thank you Toy Kingdom for offering free gift wrapping services! ;) Each bear costs 100.00 each.
We also canvassed some barongs that Mark would wear on our big day, and to my surprise, the barong that Mark wants to wear is a whooping 7,000 pesos! Hopefully they get to offer this on their 50% off rack so we could buy this PiƱa Barong. ;)  

Re-booked: Grand Ballroom

Last Saturday, Mark and I went to Great Eastern Hotel to RE-book the Grand Ballroom for our reception venue. We finalized the contract and signed the contract again for the 3rd time. Good thing Laila, our account executive was really accommodating and was kind enough to reconstruct our contract with lots if erasures.  I must say that the appointment was a real success and we were both happy that no one had booked this function hall yet. So this is it! I can already imagine Mark and I going down the grand staircase as a part of our grand entrance. Woot woot!
Of course, I wouldn’t miss taking pictures of the Grand Staircase again. I even took pictures of the super old school souvenirs that are already included on their wedding packages (sorry, Mark and I are not a big fan of dust catcher souvenirs), & the wedding cake that we’re going to get from them. We’re also planning to upgrade the utensils they are going to use per table.  

Hotel's Glass Elevator ;)

Currently preparing for a Debut! ;)

I just love their chairs. ;)

We got this cake. The cake that was included on their package was just an icing cake. Mark and I opted to upgrade our cake to a 3-tiered fondant cake.  It would look a lil bit like this. Color would be changed to brown and pink. But what I don't like about this cake is the cake topper. hehe. :D (We had to add 2665 to get this cake. )

Their super old school souvenirs. hehe. Couples can also opt to upgrade their souvenirs to crystals.But of course, since this is included in their wedding packages, we were left with no choice but to choose a design.We're thinking of using these souvenirs as an added decoration on the cake table.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Before and after ♥

Just wanted to share the pictures of our DIY - in the making ♥

Before - Boutonnieres
After - Boutonnieres

Before (Wedding bouquet)

After (Sample Wedding bouquet)
Before (Wedding Cord)

After (Wedding Cord)

 As of right now, our matching rosaries are already in the making. Here are the types of beads that we are going to use: ♥