Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello to Grand Ballroom again! ♥

It really is hard to work on the draft guest list – but it’s quite harder to admit that the number of guests is continuously increasing, or somehow exceeded from what we have expected. Haha. Up to this moment, I just can’t imagine that the 100 pax that Mark and I had set in mind to invite on our wedding day, is already a whopping 170 guests and counting. Oh dear Lord, please spare us from the wedding expenses. :D But don't get me wrong, I'd love to see these people on our wedding day. Mark and I would highly appreciate if of all them would accept our invitation. ♥
Anyway, since the number of guests is over and above from what we are expecting, Mark and I had a change of plans AGAIN, and decided that we have to book a bigger function room. The empress ballroom which we booked 2 months ago is quite small for the number of guests we are expecting. With that being said, we’re going back to the first function room we have ORIGINALLY reserved with Great Eastern and that is the Grand Ballroom! Say hello to the winding stairs again! ;) This is what Mark and I really wanted anyway. We weren’t really happy with our plan before to switch from Grand Ballroom to Empress Ballroom, that’s why the two of us are too happy to come with the decision to book the Grand ballroom again. :D Who would resist with this function room anyway? The winding staircase, the 2 floors function hall plus the high ceilings?  See below: D 

The winding staircase that Mark and I are raving about! ;)

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