Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our crystals and beads wedding paraphernalia's

Earlier this morning, I already showed mom the wedding paraphernalia's we are going to use on our wedding day. I was quite uncertain to show it to her since she always make a fuss about about we, buying stuff way too early! :D
To my surprise, the moment I handed her the boxes of boutonnieres which actually turned out to be brooches, she got teary eyed and was in high spirit about these paraphernalia's. She even exclaimed that she can no longer use her brooch. And ask me to change the wedding at an earlier date. (but of course,  she wasn’t serious about it)
Since she got too thrilled about these things, she kept all the pens (with beads) and requested me to DIY new pens instead since she wanted to have all these pens. Given that I love her that much, I agreed and immediately said yes with her request.
Our DIY - matching rosaries! :D

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