Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My pink and brown crystal bouquet ♥

The moment I have decided to have crystal bouquet on my wedding day made me realize that I am such an offbeat bride. It is going to exude my love for pink and crystals and find it real perfect to do something diverse on my big day. Originally, I wanted all my girls to hold a crystal bouquet on my big day, but since I wanted to have the sparkle and twinkle as I walk along the aisle, I firmly decided that I will be the only one who would carry the crystal bouquet while others would have their own wrister.

I am pretty sure that the bouquet I will hold as I walk down the aisle would give a sheer impact of sparkle that will make me really feel that walking down the aisle as I meet my husband to be on the altar is the best walk I would ever have. ;) 
Here's a glimpse of how my bouquet would look like. Disclaimer: This is not yet the finished product. Thank you so much Hazel for your dedication! ♥

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