Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cocktail dresses for our Secondary Sponsors ♥

Ever since Mark and I planned for the wedding, I have been very serious looking for ways how to trim down our wedding expenses. I never get tired looking for other choices and computing how much we are saving for every penny that gets out of our project-wedding savings.

Being an uber-practical budgeted bride-to-be, I can truly say that I am already a fully-pledged lover of clearance and super sale in shopping malls! That’s what h2b and I usually do, every time we need to buy something for our wedding. We only go to the malls, 2 to 3 days after our payday, just to find great deals. That’s what we actually did for our wedding rings and most of our wedding accessories, and just two-weeks ago; we bought cocktail dresses for our secondary sponsors during one of the most awaited sale of every shopper – the YEAR ENDER SALE!!! =) 

Thankfully, we were able to find three dresses with same designs from the racks of Viola dresses; designed by Anne Bichelmeir. 

Simple, elegant and I must say, reasonably priced! Since Don Bosco enforces  church attire decorum, we're going to buy shawls for our lovely secondary sponsors, who also happen to be my H2b's sister! ♥

Please note that the brown brooch below is not included; the brooch is a part of our DIY's. ☻


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