Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free advertisements for wedding suppliers

Hear yah! ♥ To all wedding suppliers out there, my wedding blog is now open for advertisements. Just send me an e-mail at and I'd be glad to advertise your services for FREE!!! 

Here's are my sample advertisements; while some of these are based from my experiences with them ☻

Thank you from the BrideChilla

Few months ago, my blog was featured on Female Network. Just today, one of the passionate bloggers just tagged me as her Liebster Blog Awards. I am really honored to be chosen as her top 7!

From Female Network website

From Female Network website

Here's a link to her blog:

Up to this moment, I still couldn’t believe that I am able to keep this blog alive and kicking. I am really glad that a lot of readers and bloggers do appreciate the contents posted here!

What's more surprising was that I received an e-mail from a wedding supplier thanking me for posting his contact info on this blog. With that, he was able to book a lot of projects already. I am really not a good writer, but it is really overwhelming to know that I get to inspire someone just because of my own wedding blog.

Just two months to go, and I will be signing off as an official bridechilla. =)

I would also like to give thanks to the visitors of my blog! I started blogspot without a keen knowledge how to navigate it. And now, I already have a whopping 51,000 plus visitors worldwide! Thank you so much! 

So for all the bloggers and newbie bloggers out there, keep posting!!! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding Checklist

For the benefit of the other bride to be’s who are looking for a wedding checklist, I have compiled the list I’ve used.  These are the things that we should really focus on. If you are trying to trim down your wedding costs, we should focus on the needs, and eliminate the wants. =) If you want to get a copy of the wedding checklist spreadsheet, please do send me an email:

Here’s my checklist.

Church Ceremony:
Church Venue Fee – we booked Don Bosco, and booked their non AC package. What I really love about them is they are really accommodating; this fee already includes all seminars. Some churches still require you to pay an extra amount if you are going to attend their seminar. We had 4 appointments with them. (Canonical Interview, Pre-Cana Seminar, Marriage Counseling and Wedding Rehearsal)

Pen For Signing of Contract – We DIY’d this; and matched the colors with our motif. We used crystal and beans in designing these cute pens.
Ring and Coin Bearer pillow
Unity Coins
Unity Cord
Unity Veil
Offertory – cruets, ciborium, candles, fruits, flowers
Wedding Choir – so this is the cons if you book Don Bosco. Singer/pianist is not included on their package. So you really have to get your own musician.

Legal Papers
Birth Certificate – must be accredited by NSO. This can be ordered online, or you can request this from NSO or thru SM Business Centers. This is needed if you are going to get your marriage license
Baptismal Certificate – must have a stamp that says FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES; needed by the church
Confirmation Certificate - must have a stamp that says FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES; needed by the church
Cenomar – this is needed by the municipal where in you are going to apply for your marriage license. This is a proof that indicates you are not yet married to someone else
Wedding Banns – forms will be provided by the church wherein the wedding ceremony would take place. These will be posted for 3 consecutive Sundays at the bride and groom’s parish priest. Some churches announce the date of the wedding during Sunday masses, while other churches post the couple’s picture on their bulletin board.

Invitations – I made our own layout, and had it printed from someone who also makes wedding invitations
Missalette – DIY as well
Guestbook – DIY

Wedding Gown – this should include your veil, carrying bag & tiara (if applicable)
Bride’s shoes – I bought pink bridal shoes – my favorite color and part of our wedding motif
Groom’s Tux – H2b’s wearing coat & tie; belt and cuff links
Groom’s Shoes – GBX, leather
Best Man Attire
Groomsmen Attire
Maid of Honor Dress
Bride’s Maids Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses
Ring Bearer Attire
Jewelry Accessories

Bride Bouquet – We had this DIY’d. We used crystals and beads
Maid of Honor Bouquet
Flower Girl – instead of carrying flowers, my little girls are going to carry teddy bears and one here comes the bride sign
Bride Maid’s Wrister – to eliminate cost, we opted to get wristers for them
Corsages – just like my pink bouquet, all of my ninangs are going to wear corsages.
Offertory flowers
Church D├ęcor
Reception Centerpieces

Wedding Bands/ Wedding Rings

Photography/ Videography
E-session venue
Prenup portraits
Back up photographer
Picture AVP
Wedding Teaser

Gift and favors
Principal Sponsors Gifts
Generic Favors

Wellness & Beauty

Hair and Make up



Bridal Car
Hotel accommodations 
Wedding Coordinator 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Working on our guest list ♥

As early as December, h2b and I already started working on our guest list so with the seat plan. I always thought of it would be easier for us to revise the seat plan once we are done with the list. So even if one guest wouldn’t confirm or won’t be able to make it on our big day; it would be easier for us to give that person’s seat to someone else.

Though we started early, we had endless revisions. Additional guests arise, while some would request for additional seats. However, in as much as we would like to accommodate each and everyone’s request, h2b and I won’t be able to grant their request. After all, Mark and I really wanted to have to have an intimate wedding. This is a special event where two hearts become one. An event that I consider more significant than a family reunion.

I am happy that a lot of our beloved relatives would like to witness this special day. I just hope that they can understand that we cannot invite each and every one of them. I am also hoping and praying that they would follow the rule of thumb on our wedding day – and that is to confirm if they can attend our big day. And they get to follow the seats we have reserved for them.

Arranging the guest list so with the seat plan. For the record, h2b and I already revised the list for more than 15 times already, and we haven’t finalized them yet.

This is the latest list we have so far. I have revised the seat plan that GEH provided us, because their copy doesn’t look really pleasing to the eyes. I love GEH, but I hope they get to revise their seat plan. If you’re going to have your reception in the grand ballroom of GEH, just let me know so I can send you the newer and cleaner version of their seat plan. :D hehe 

Invite only the people that matters to you and your other half. People who witnessed how your love prospered. Remember,  this is your wedding; not your friends’ not your families; but your OWN. Bottom line, if someone isn’t nice to you, DON’T invite them. As much as possible, try to narrow down your list, and make the most-worthy people be on your top list.

When it comes to pondering which friends you ought to invite, contemplate of those who would love to witness your exchange of vows and be happy for you. You do not want to invite someone who is really nosy and would say bad things about your special day.  Your wedding is not a time to pay someone else’s back or to make other people happy, notwithstanding your own principles. This is your event, not theirs. 

Our Wedding Missalette - Checked!

60 days to go before the big day! Woot Woot!

Finally, yesterday, h2b and I were able to “reproduce” our wedding missalette! We were both happy with the outcome and super contented with its simplicity. As opposed with my previous post, we weren’t able to follow the cover we were supposed to use in our wedding missalette, after all, most of the guests wouldn’t keep a copy anyway. We didn’t want to spend more just to print the cover page with designs and colors. 

I consider this as one of the most challenging layout I have ever done! The back to back booklet was not an easy task, but every time I look at our missalette, I can’t help but smile that we were able to accomplish and do a DIY back to back missalette. Hehehe. 

Good thing, the attendant in the photocopy center was kind enough to lent us their long stapler. So stapling our missalettes was really effortless!  Sorry for the blurry pictures. ♥ 

If you want to get a soft copy of missalette, just leave your comments below together with your e-mail address, and I'd be glad to send you the layout. 

If you need a copy of our missalette, please check this post. I've shared the download links:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Before and After ♥♥♥

 I WAS afraid to fall in love not because I don’t want to get hurt but I was too afraid of rejection. I grew up in an environment where my classmates and friends used to tease me endlessly, that I am FAT. Yes, I was really fat way back then, and almost weighed 200 lbs. I had a hard time walking and would always end up wearing maternity dresses since no jeans and shirts would fit me. I accepted the fact before that I will never GET married. Thinking that a guy can never fall in love with me because of the way I look.

I even said before, who would ever fall in love with a girl who looks real fat, plus the not so fair skin and the squashy hair? Even the guy whom I used to like before would pretend as if he doesn’t know me; if my friends would tease him that I like him. So that made me realize I need to do something about it. Not because I want someone to love me, but I need to do something that would help myself. Something that would regain the self-confidence and esteem I have lost. The challenge? It’s for me to shed a lot of pounds and to think as if I am normal just like other girls who can wear clothes of their size.

Up to this moment, I am still afraid what other people might think of me. And no matter what upright things they say about me, I would always consider that they are just making fun of me.

After a couple of years (fast forward I must say); everything had changed. I am already going to marry the prince charming I have dreamed of and I am proud to say that he accepts me no matter who and what I have been gone through (except that he still couldn’t believe the pictures  and still laughs at me every time he sees it) LOL.  

and this is me right now! ♥

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wedding Jewelries and accessories

I love wearing pearls; as in I wear pearl earrings no matter what outfit I use, to the point that I no longer remove it even if I go to sleep. But since this type of jewelry is not recommended during weddings, due to the presage it imposes, I am, left with no choice but to look for an alternative. I am still in the project of looking for my wedding accessories; and I am hoping that I get to find the pieces that would complete my wedding attire =) 

I tried a couple of jewelries and bought 4 pairs of earrings, but I can’t seem to find the perfect one. I don’t even know, and I am not really sure if this would match my wedding gown. Hhhm, how bad could it be if I wear pearls on my wedding day? I really want to wear one! But then I guess, there’s no harm in following some of the wedding traditions. :D It wouldn't hurt me anyway.

Here’s a glimpse of the earrings I bought last week. Yes,it's quite big for a pair of earrings, and it's a bit heavy. hehe. I have no plans in buying real jewelries anyway. My mom actually offered me to lend her precious gems, but I declined her offer to the reason that I am really not into gold. :D --but from what I read, a bride should wear genuine jewelries on her wedding day. Tee hee. 

and of course, I wouldn't miss a chance trying it! hehehe

For an OC bride, it really is hard to pick jewelries that would match our look and gown on our big day. But there’s one thing that we should always remember when choosing the right jewelries for our big day. Don’t OVERDO it. It’s really inviting to load up on trinkets and charms, but we shouldn’t let all those shining shimmering metals outshine us on our big day. So my take on it, the simpler the better. =)  

Table Names Sample

I admit, I am fickle minded in terms of the “props” and DIY’s I want to use on our wedding reception. And after considering to use accordion pinwheels for the table names (which I am not 100% sure if I am going to forgo this idea), I then decided (maybe for this week.hehe) that we are going to use a simpler table names. I just realized that since we are going to have a Lauriat set up it would be useless if we are going to put a lot of knick knacks as our centerpiece. So goodbye, non-floral centerpieces because I really have to stick with the floral arrangements of GEH inside florist. 

So here's a sample jpeg file that I created using one of my favorite websites; We are going to use this in lieu of the accordion pinwheel idea I had in mind

Friday, March 16, 2012

We are really getting there! ♥

Last Wednesday, H2b and I, together with our beloved mother’s went to Don Bosco to submit our wedding requirements.

 Baptismal Certificate
Wedding Banns
Marriage License
Confirmation Certificate

I just couldn’t believe that as early as now, we were able to accomplish and secure all these documents. We are just in time and we didn’t have to cram – most especially that processing of documents can really be very tedious!   

We also paid our remaining balances to the church and hotel, and it feels really great that all we need to do is to wait for the big day! Yahoo!!! =) I just can’t help but smile that everything is turning into reality. We are really getting there.

Oh, before I forget, we also pigged out with our mom’s at Great Eastern Hotel! :D 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding planning can be very overwhelming, most especially if you’re planning all by yourself. We all know that most of the wedding tasks involve US, we, the bride to be, and there will really come a time that   we experience too much stress and pressure thinking how to make our wedding to be perfect.  So ending, instead of enjoying the wedding preparations, we always feel anxious about it and we become a Bridezilla.

Who wants to be stressed anyway? Wedding preparations should give us a sense of fulfillment and should make us happy. Remember, you cannot do all the planning alone. You need someone to assist you on your big day. If you are not that familiar with the bits and pieces of the wedding preparations, i am pretty sure now is the time to hire a wedding coordinator.

There are many reputable wedding coordinators on the industry nowadays and I am proud to say that two of my friends who also happen to be former brides, together with their hubbies recently teamed up and has opened their wedding coordination services.

And true to its tag, they really know how important each celebration is to a family’s milestone. They know the bits and pieces of wedding planning most especially that they planned for their wedding by themselves. what I really like with their wedding coordination services is that their hubby’s are also part of the team! 

For more information, you may reach them thru the contact information below:
Email Address:
Mobile Number: 0919.585.8720

Rates are also posted on their website: 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The official seal

DIY: Wedding Missalette Cover

And since our misalette is already ready for mass production, I finally decided to make a cover page, instead of my original plan. Part of the plan is to print 1 copy of the misalette in black and white then have it photocopied from CopyTrade. But since I was able to find a local computer shop that really offers affordable printing services, I finally decided to make our own design for the cover page.   

If you need a copy of our missalette, please check this post. I've shared the download links:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding updates ♥

 I have been very busy ticking off our wedding checklist lately and I am proud to say that most of the checkboxes have been accomplished.

Earlier this morning, mom and I revised the guest lists (on our side) for the nth time. – the rule of remove and replace literally applies here. Hehe. After the revising, I finished naming all invitations for h2b’s side, and gratefully, they are all ready for distribution!
Blogging bride to be in action! hahaha

My next project for this week is to start working on our Here Comes the Bride sign and adorning the boxes for our rings and arrhae that I bought from Papemelroti last week. Here’s a glimpse of the boxes :D 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY: Our Wedding Guestbook in the Making

Hello Summer. Hello March. 2 months to go!!! This is it. 

The official wedding countdown starts right now. I’m getting more nervous each day and quite paranoid with the checklist I have right now. What if the checklist I have right now is incomplete? Gee, I think I am turning in to a BRIDEZILLA already! :D ahaha! With only 2 months to go, Mark and I are already stretching ourselves to finish our DIY’s. We are almost done writing names on our invitations, and I have also started working on our DIY Guestbook.

Inspired by Ate Jolen's wedding invitations (feeling close lang) Mark and I opted to DIY our guestbook instead ♥  Not only because it’s more cost-effective, but it would also serve our bonding time together.

We bought the blank guestbook from PAPEMELROTI, and scrapbook materials in NBS. As per the pictures we are going to use on the guestbook, we had some of our prenup pictures printed from Tronix. (3.50 per piece) However, due to my excitement, I lost track of the pictures I saved on my USB, and printed out more than 180 photos. Now I am wondering what we are going to do with the extra prints. :D

Here’s the sample prototype:D I have only started doing the lay out for the guestbook. I can no longer wait to ornate it with the scrapbook materials.  

Now, what pictures do we have  to put on our guestbook. :)

I must say that we were able to accomplish a lot of things yesterday. Documents, shopping for DIY,s and at the same time, we pigged out! :D hihi!