Monday, December 19, 2011

Dreality Souvenirs - Unique. Affordable. Exciting. Useful souvenirs! ♥

Unique. Affordable. Exciting. Useful

That's the tagline of Dreality souvenirs, and true to it's tag, their souvenirs are really eye catching that your guests would surely love and will truly be treasured.

I am pretty sure that couples nowadays have already gone to different phases, and they no longer want souvenirs  that would end up cathing dust. I've talked to other bride to be's as well of course, each and every one of them, wants to give their guests, something that is worth every penny. A token that would make their guests enjoy and find it very useful.

So if you're looking for  Unique, Affordable, Exciting, and  Useful souvenirs, I strongly suggest you check Dreality Souvenirs. I am pretty sure you'd love their souvenirs, as much as I do! ;) I just can't decide which design to choose, since all their products are really beautiful. It's just sad that I can no longer buy souvenirs for my PS, since h2b and I already bought wines. If only I knew about Andrea's item (Owner of Dreality) I am pretty sure that our PS would go gaga over our souvenirs! ;) 

An excerpt from Dreality Souvenirs:  Each Dreality™ souvenir you give to your guests, family, and friends let's YOU impart your APPRECIATION with an embodiment of your PERSONALITY w/ a lil sizzle of Dreality™. WE SELL THE IDEA, and the PERSONALITY that comes w/ every SOUVENIR --- not just any ordinary product. It's what makes us DISTINCT. It's the very reason why you should choose us

Here are some sample products I've grabbed from Dreality's Facebook account.

Dreality Souvenirs has a showroom in Themes n Motifs (SMX) or you can check this for more information:

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