Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Canonical Interview = Checked! ♥

Finally, after waiting a couple of months, Mark and I already had our canonical interview yesterday. It was really fun, and of course, the agony thinking that we “might” not pass the interview had already ended. 

To be honest, by the time I learned the process of canonical interview,  I never stopped searching questions about it and how it would take place. And now, I just can’t stop smiling about the nuisance I made about it. I even told h2b to re-memorize the 7 sacraments, obligations, act of contrition to be sure that we pass this interview.

H2b and I arrived past three at the church office, and luckily, we didn’t have to wait that long since we were the 2nd couple who would be interviewed. While waiting for the priest who would interview us, Ms. Ging (the super extra nice coordinator) handed us the questionnaires and a piece of paper that included our schedules in the next few months. Our schedules comprise the following:

Marriage Seminar (whole day!!! From 8AM to 5PM—schedule this December);
Marriage Counseling (half day only – scheduled February next year
wedding rehearsal and confession – which would happen 2 days before the wedding ;)

And so Mark and I reviewed the questionnaire and to be honest, some of the terminologies are quite “unfamiliar” to me, but the priest, was kind enough to enlighten those terms to me. Mark came in first to the parish priest’s office and much to my surprise; my ever loving h2b was smiling after his interview and happily said to me: “Baby, it’s now your turn”

During my turn on the interview, there was a constant dead air which apparently took about 3 minutes, since father was reviewing the forms we filled out last April. He checked and reviewed if the information I provided last time was really accurate. (Father, you really got me nervous there, most especially when your facial expressions showed a bit of reluctance.haha. Maybe it was just a part of the interview, to make the couple get nervous)He even mentioned that Mark’s place was quite far from my place. (but then again, distance doesn’t matter) :D

So after answering the 20+ questions answerable ONLY by Yes Or No (as in no explanation needed; and you have to be firm with your answer) father Tin signed the wedding banns that I need to submit to the parish church and said that Mark and I are already good to go! ;) He even said: “Congratulations.”  

A copy of the misalette they gave to us. 

Ms Ging! :) 

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