Friday, October 28, 2011

Planning for the Chocolate and Oatmeal Wedding Favors

I know I've posted few times already that we're going to have a candy buffet on our reception, but the final verdict is we are no longer getting the candy buffet services anymore for the ff reasons:
1st, Up to this moment, I haven’t received the bank details she promised me 1 week ago. I need these details so I can block our wedding date for her services. But please take note that I am not taking this against her, since I know that she’s pretty busy lately most especially that it’s already peak season (Halloween and Christmas season). She is very accommodating over the phone and her rates are really affordable. I’ve read super great reviews about her, not just in FN but also on other website, but my heart says that I really have to let it go.
2nd the corkage fee we have to pay at Great Eastern Hotel just to bring in the candy buffet we were supposed to get
3rd my mom is a diabetic, so she wouldn’t enjoy this. Haha!
4th not everyone would appreciate candies. (I guess)
However, just like what the home TV shopping voice over would say on their show, -- but wait THERE’s more – even if we are no longer getting the services of this *supplier*, we are going to have our own sweet wedding favors – and that would be home made chocolate & oatmeal cookies!
Since I have started with my DIY’s this would be a great opportunity for me to pack the oatmeal and chocolates using God’s gift of creativity. :D
Fortunately, one of my agents is so into baking, and she will be the one who’s going to bake the cookies (oatmeal and choco chip cookies) plus make the home made chocolates. We’re planning to buy blocks of chocolates from Chocolate Lovers.
As per the boxes, I’ve already started getting in touch with this supplier I saw from, and I can truly say that her boxes are really affordable!
Here’s a glimpse of how the boxes look like: 

She offers other boxes too at a very affordable rate. Here’s her contact number if you’re interested:
09472827621/09273018139 and
I am still thinking if we should use the heart shaped box or the normal squared box. Whichever comes cheaper, then that's where we're going to settle. 
I am still planning how to design the boxes. Below are some of my inspirations: (minus the ribbon and silver beads)

For the cover, I am already thinking to stick our monogram on it. :D 

Our oatmeal packaging would look like this 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am a proud budgeted and certified bridechilla

First of all, I'd like to greet my H2b a Happy Monthsary! (yeah, I know, there's no such word as Monthsary) ♥ hehe. Looking forward to spend more months, years & decades with you. 

Ever since I started my own wedding blog, I have been receiving emails from other bride to be’s saying that they are thankful to find my blog on the internet.  Some of them are asking for my checklists, while others request a total breakdown of our wedding expenses. These wonderful messages are so priceless and it makes me feel that planning for a wedding is truly satisfying. They make me realize and add up confidence that everything will be fine on our big day. So for those who have emailed me, thank you so much. And for those who are still planning for their big day, just like me, please do not hesitate to ask me questions. I would love to help other bride to be’s who are planning for budgeted wedding.
As much as possible, I want to share the joy I have encountered while preparing for our big day. I want to inspire everyone that planning for a wedding doesn't have to cost a fortune. What's most important is the life after the wedding - and that is marriage. But if you're going to ask me this question, would I spend and splurge that much if my H2b is as rich as Manny Pacquiao? Hell yes! Who doesn't want to have an extravagant wedding anyway? I would not limit myself booking the suppliers as long as we have the means, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I will call myself hypocrite if I would tell that I wouldn't spend that much on our wedding if my H2b and I earn 100,000/ month. ♥
But the thing is, my goal  is not just to make things happen on my wedding day but also to share inspiration to other people specially to those bride to be's who are interested but doesn't require a large amount of money or expensive services/venues just to have their dream wedding. Remember, anything is possible so long as there is careful planning and a lot of help from both parties. 
I do not care if I share ALMOST every detail on our big day, but how can I keep myself from sharing all these things if there really is something to be proud of and be happy for?
So for all bride to be’s out there, just cherish every moment you are encountering while planning for a wedding. Stressful or not, enjoy it. Stress will always be there, but it’s pretty normal. Do not let stress ruin every ideas and plans you have in mind. Remember, stress will make you ugly, and it's important for us to stay beautiful before and after the wedding ;) So Happy preps!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some of our wedding paraphernalia's

Sharing our wedding paraphernalia's 
Our wedding cord, boutonnieres and pens. (Yes, pens are included!) 
Wedding cord: Thank you so much to my dear friend Hazel for sponsoring our wedding cord! :) We can't thank you enough! ♥  Please do send me an email if you want avail to Hazel's services ;) She's my friend who started all these lovely wedding paraphernalia's.
Or you may contact her directly thru the numbers below: 
 09157983425/ 09284385736

Please don't forget to inform her that you got her numbers from my blog so she can give you a very good rate ;)

Pens for our principal sponsors. (these will be used for contract signing) 

And our boutonnieres

Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY: Wedding invitation layout ♥

Finally, after experiencing too much headaches lurking for thousands of designs from the Internet, I was able to create our customized invitations based on our wedding motif! The design I have used was patterned I have downloaded from the Internet, The pink damask border was just thumbnail I have found from Google images.

Mind you, it’s really hard to find pre-customized templates on the internet. There are hundreds of templates that DIY’s guru’s can download for free, but none of these templates matched our wedding motif. That’s why I am so proud of myself that I am able to do this on my own, even without using either Adobe Photoshop– good thing for me since I don’t even know how to navigate Photoshop. I was very proud with the outcome and I just couldn’t believe that I was able to do this on my own. Thank you so much Lord for the gift of creativity.

To break my excitement, here’s a glimpse of how the border looks like. I've created different invites, but only the direction of the borders had changed. Wedding monogram is courtesy of

I've deleted the pertinent information on the invites for privacy purposes. :D 

Overall, there would be three pages. One for the main invites, second is for the wedding party (names of entourage) and last is for the RSVP.

Our RSVPcard ;)

The overall invitation would look a little bit like this: 

My DIY sticker ;)
 Let me share the inspirations I have used while creating these DIY invites:

Interested in creating your own layouts too? You may want to use the image I have saved from Google. 

Or you can search Google. I promise to edit this post on Monday since I forgot to save the link.

FYI: I just used Microsoft word when I created these layouts ;) Yes, no Photoshop needed!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Teddy Love for Little Girls ♥

Teddy bears don't need hearts as they are already stuffed with love

Teddy bears have been by a part of my weaknesses ever since I was a little girl. Up to this moment, every time I see these lovely creations, (Thanks to Theodore Roosevelt) it brings back my child hood memories. =)

I suppose this would also be a great idea to slip in my love for teddy bears on our wedding day. So instead of having my cute flower girls bring a basket filled with flowers while walking the aisle, they are going to bring teddy bears.

See below for sample pictures that Mr. Google gave me.

My friend, Leah who promised to help me scout for teddy bears, said that we can buy these at Market! Market! for only 100/each. Much affordable as compared to the teddies I’ve seen in Toy Kingdom. If budget permits (which I think is way impossible as of this moment) I’d have their clothes customized. Just like the picture below: 

I believe there's a store in Festival Supermall, Alabang that makes custom dress/clothes for teddy bears. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet favors for the Sweet-Tooth! ♥

Ever since I read Martha Stewart’s article about creative desserts for weddings, I always fantasized about having a candy buffet on our wedding day, to serve as a part of our wedding favors. I know some would say that this is too child like, and perhaps much better if used during a children’s party. But looking at these sweet treats made me so giddy, most especially that Mark and I both have a sweet-tooth. 

There came a time that I searched the internet looking for wholesale suppliers of candies – unfortunately, the candy hunting wasn’t a success for me. I know it would also be a challenge for me and my friends how to pull together the decoration for the candy buffet.
Good thing, a friend of mine, who also happens to be a bride to be next year, referred a trustworthy supplier who’s mainly catering desserts. Just like the sweets she is offering, her rates are really 100% tempting. Even though I haven’t tasted these treats, I can truly say that her desserts are really promising. I know for sure even the *oldies* would love these kind of treats. Who doesn’t want chocolates and candies anyway? =) 
Supplier’s Name: Big Tummy Cakes
FYI, she just not offer candy buffet, but offers a wide variety of cookies and other desserts. Aside from that her packages already includes the elegant set up based on the couple’s motif. She has chocolate fountain packages too!

FB: Big Tummy Cakes

Sorry Ms. Aira if I grabbed some photos from your FB page. ♥ I just can't help but share your beautiful works! :) 

Candy bar :)
I know almost everyone love the Gold Coins! :)
Sweet treats! :)
The cupcake bar! :) Isn't it super fun that guests get to choose what sprinkles to use on their cupcakes?

Dessert Bar - Panna cotta - decorated according to theme of the party ;)

Chocolate Fountain
Okay, enough with the pictures, I know you're getting hungry already! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pre - Wedding jitters as early as 7 months before the big day!

I want to start off by saying that I love my Mark with all my heart, but unexpectedly, I am starting to feel very nervous when I think about the wedding. I feel like in a way I'm losing my so-called “profligate” life since all my life, all I think is about myself  but in reality, I am no longer really young to be getting married. I'll be almost 26 next year and h2b is turning 32 this December. I do not doubt my future marriage or anything. I tend to easily get anxious and feel like getting sick and honest to goodness, I don’t want to feel this way.  
Yes, still seven more months to go before I walk down the aisle, but as early as now, I am already having wedding jitters. Oh dear Lord, how long do I have to put up with these jitters and keep myself from experiencing these negative thoughts? 7 more months, is still a long way to go. I think I really have to keep my mind from thinking too much, and start to relax. But how can I relax?
I always wanted to dream about my wedding day, but for some reasons, every time I dream about it – nothing good is happening on my dream. As in the wedding was real disaster! Oh God, I don’t want this to happen on my wedding day. Please?
And since I have been thinking about the wedding too much lately, of course, chances are id dream of it– Just like what happened earlier this morning. 
Let me just share the super negative experiences I've had on my dream. As in every suppliers we booked in *REAL LIFE* were total failures in my dreams. (but I know for sure, this wouldn’t happen in real life – I trust my suppliers so much and I know they wouldn’t let this happen to any of their events)
So here are the details. Disclaimer: This was just a dream!!! 
·         It’s already wedding day and I woke up at 2PM in the afternoon knowing that the wedding is 4PM. So meaning, no more photo ops, hair and make up must be done in an instant. As I look for my wedding dress, I found out that I have no wedding gown, so I just grabbed my red angry bird t-shirt in lieu of the wedding gown. Due to the frustration of wearing a wedding gown, my MOH and I decided to go Baclaran to find a wedding dress that would fit me. But since we’re already running out of time, we had to go back to the hotel in an instant.
·         I called my HMUA to have my make-up done, but unfortunately, canceled my appointed. (But she assured me this wouldn’t happen J Thank you so much MV) and since she canceled my booking with her, I had to use J&J powder. haha
·         My photographer didn’t want to take pictures of me and for some reasons he backed out being my PV
·         We had to ride a cab going to the church since the bridal car didn’t show up on time ( I know for sure this wouldn’t be an issue with them)
·         And since I woke up late, we arrived the church 2 hours later, so the officiating priest had to cancel the wedding since he thought that I am Julia Roberts – the Runaway bride.

I know pretty sure that this wouldn’t happen on my wedding day. Just like what most people would say, things that happened during your dream wouldn’t happen in real life. But I guess this already serves as a warning to me – and that is not to be too lax, even if we still have 7 more months to go.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Different rates The Penny-Wise, Value-for-Money & The Splurge-on-the-Best Bride

I am pretty sure that most bride-to be’s sign up for newsletter and promos for well known suppliers. Just like in my case, I signed up for a couple of suppliers to be in the loop every time they have promos. Another reason I signed up for these promos is I’m still hoping that we can win some of the prizes and freebies they are giving away. One of the suppliers who gives out an extravagant prizes is Hizons; mind you, it’s not just a regular prize, but rather one of the best prize they can offer for the couples who are planning to get married. – just imagine, they are having this so-called Win a Wedding Promo where in they would pay ALL the expenses for the couple’s wedding. So what are the mechanics to get qualified on this promo? Fill out the textboxes on the website, like their Facebook page and submit the form. But winning this is not that as easy it can be, since there are thousands of couples who are continuously registering on this promo, and as far as I can remember, the last time I joined this promo, Mark and I were on number 5,800 – and only 1 lucky couple would be chosen to win this *Win a Wedding*.
So apart from their promo, Hizon’s also give-away a free e-book for brides/grooms who sign up on their page. This is some sort of a E-bridal magazine, where couples can get a lot of ideas while planning for their wedding. Though we’re not getting hizon’s as our caterer, I really found this e-book more helpful as compared to the bridal magazines I have purchased from the previous months. This E-book has all the basic information that a bride needs to know when planning for her wedding.
Here’s the link for the e-book: ( but i think you have to sign up on their website first before you can access the PDF file)
The E-book have lots of tips regarding:
A. Your Wedding Date
B. Requirements And Documents Needed Before The Wedding
C. Your Wedding Guest List
D. Your Wedding Venue
E. Your Wedding Theme And Motif
F. Your Wedding Flowers
G. Your Wedding Food
H. Your Wedding Look
H.1. Your Wedding Attire
H.2. Your Wedding Ring
H.3. Your Wedding Hair & Make-Up
I. Your Photo And Video Coverage
J. Your Invitations, And Stationeries
K. Your Wedding FaVors
L. Your Wedding Coordinator And Other Manpower
M. Your Wedding Transportation
N. Your Wedding Program
And course, a little bit of background about Hizon’s.
The e-book also contains different rates of venues and churches suitable for Penny-Wise , Value-For Money & Splurge on the Best Bride’s. ;)
Let me share the rates on the e-book :D
The Penny-Wise Bride
“I only have a limited budget, but I hope I can still get decent venues for my wedding.”
Makati Park & Garden – P 3,000 – P 8,000
For those who wish to have an affordable venue that is close to nature and has a lovely surrounding, this is a venue that you can add to your list.

Casa Milan – P 10,000
Situated at the north of Quezon City, Casa Milan features a lovely main hall, alongside a pool, offering tranquility to wedding guests and the couple alike for a
budget-friendly rate.

Palladium Clubhouse – P 3,500 – P 10,000
This Greek-inspired venue is sited inside the posh neighborhood of Palladium Subdivision in Mandaluyong City. It offers three venues ideal for a beautiful wedding

Here’s a list of churches that you can also put on your list:

St. John Marrie-Vianney Parish
Address: Marcos Highway, Mambugan, Antipolo
Rate: P 5, 000 – with flowers and carpet / P2, 000 –
ordinary wedding
St. Michael the Archangel Parish
Address: Fort Andres Bonifacio, Taguig City
Rate: Standard Rate: P 5,500 / Aircon rental: P1,000
per hour
Sanctuario de San Pedro Bautista
Address: 69 San Pedro St., San Francisco Del Monte,
Quezon City
Rate: P 1,500 – P 8,000
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
Address: 124 13th Avenue, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon
Rate: P 2,500 – P 8,000
Santa Clara de Montefalco Parish
Address: C. Raymundo Avenue, Caniogan, Pasig
Rate: P3,500 – wedding rite with mass only / P
10,000 – with flowers, carpet, soloist/organist, mass

The Value-for-Money Bride
“I have just the right budget and I want to make sure I get the best value for my venues.” 
Oasis Manila – Lounge P25,000 / Gallery P35,000 /
Pavilion AM (4hrs) / PM (5hrs) Weekday: P50,000 /
P60,000 ; Weekend: P55,000 / 65,000
Perfect for a garden wedding, as well as a beautiful indoor reception, Oasis Manila offers ample parking space, stylish structure, accessibility, and good customer service that will give you your money’s worth.

Palacio de Maynila - P224,000 for 150 pax /
P265,440 for 200 pax / P334,880 for 300 pax
This wedding venue is strategically located along Roxas Blvd., easily accessible through public transportation. Spacious and fully air-conditioned, this venue also offers a great view facing the Manila Bay.

Light of Love - Love P50,000; P8,000 / Integrity
P40,000; P6,000 / Atrium P50,000; P8,000 / Trust
P100,000; P16,000 / Loyalty P80,000; P12,000 /
Cherish P40,000; P6,000
For those who seek a private venue with a great garden, Light of Love has six venues that you can choose from depending on your preference and budget.

La Castellana – Standard Rate for 4hrs: Weekday
Rate (Mon-Thu) P55,000.00 / Weekend Rate (Fri-
Sun) P 65,000.00
Here’s a list of churches that you can also put on your list:
St. John Bosco Parish
Address: A. Arnaiz Avenue corner Amorsolo Street
Barangay San Lorenzo Makati City
Rate: With aircon: P17,000 / Without aircon: P15,000
Binondo Church (Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo
Address: Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo
Rate: P 15,000
St. Pancratius Chapel (Paco park)
Address: 959 San Marcelino St. Paco, Manila
Rate: P 15,000
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish
Address: Mahinhin St., UP Village, Diliman
Quezon City
Rate: P 8,500 (inclusive of flowers on the altar, red
carpet, candles, organist and singers and priest to provide the rites.)
Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish
Address: 7440 Bernardino St., Guadalupe Viejo,
Makati City
Rate: P 13, 000
The Splurge-on-the-Best Bride
“I have a great deal of budget and I am willing to spend it for the best venue there is.”
Below are examples of reception venues that can work
well with your budget:
Rockwell tent - Standard Rate (Whole Day) P 125,
000 + VAT
The fully air-conditioned tent can comfortably house up to 500 guests in a lavish sit down
dinner, and the spacious tent can be a playground for the ever imaginative bride-to-be
as she makes her dream wedding come to life.

NBC Tent - Standard Rate (Whole Day): P
195,000 + 12% VAT
For a wedding like no other, the tent can comfortably house 800 guests in a sit-down
dinner, with its look and feel designed according to the couple’s liking. It features a kitchen mess hall, spacious comfort rooms with an adjoining powder room for the ladies, spacious reception area and ample parking spaces for guests at the Fort Strip.

Fernbrook Gardens – P 130, 000 - P160, 000 +
Fernbrook Gardens is a European-inspired wedding venue that lets you experience a
magical and dramatic ambiance making your fairytale dreams come to life.

Blue Leaf - Standard Rates: AM(5hrs) /
PM(5hrs) Jade Day: P70,000 / Evening: P90,000
Silk Day: P80,000 / Evening: P100,000 Banyan
Day: P90,000 / Evening: P110,000 Jade and
Banyan Day: P140,000 / Evening: P185,000
Located at the posh neighborhood of Bonifacio Global City’s McKinley Hills, the Blue Leaf has three contemporary Asian-inspired pavilions designed with spacious interiors against a
backdrop of luscious greeneries. The pavilions are fully air-conditioned, has a sound system, a lounge, caterer’s area, an LCD projector with
8’x8’ screen, spacious parking area, and security, engineering and maintenance staff
during the event.

Fernwood Gardens - Fernwood 1: P50,000++;
P86,000++ / Courtyard: P45,000++; P74,000++
/ Cycad Garden: P46,000++; P79,000++ / Coral
Tree: P50,000++; P86,000++
You don’t have to go out of the metropolis to find the perfect venue for a garden wedding. Fernwood Gardens give you the beauty of the out-of-town scenery within the immediate reach. In the midst of Fernwood Gardens’ exquisite
nature-inspired landscape stands a quaint nature chapel and baroque-styled gazebo both splendid for wedding ceremonies.
Here’s a list of churches that you can also put on
your list:
National Shrine of St. Therese of the Child
Adress: 8002 Manlunas St., Villamor Airbase,
Pasay City
Rate: Wedding with aircon: P 40, 500 / Wedding
without aircon: P 27, 000
Sanctuario de San Antonio
Adress: McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati
Rate: Standard rate parishioners/nonparishioners
P20,000 / P25,000 reservation
deposit: P5,000
San Agustin Church
Adress: Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Manila
Rate: P22,000 / Video Electricity: P1,000
Christ the King Parish
Address: Greenmeadows Ave., White Plains,
Quezon City
Rate: P 25,000
Shrine of Jesus: The Way, The Truth and The
Address: SM Central Business Park, Reclamation
Area, Pasay City
Rate: P25,000 for 1 1/2hour wedding

So what type of bride are you?