Monday, October 24, 2011

Some of our wedding paraphernalia's

Sharing our wedding paraphernalia's 
Our wedding cord, boutonnieres and pens. (Yes, pens are included!) 
Wedding cord: Thank you so much to my dear friend Hazel for sponsoring our wedding cord! :) We can't thank you enough! ♥  Please do send me an email if you want avail to Hazel's services ;) She's my friend who started all these lovely wedding paraphernalia's.
Or you may contact her directly thru the numbers below: 
 09157983425/ 09284385736

Please don't forget to inform her that you got her numbers from my blog so she can give you a very good rate ;)

Pens for our principal sponsors. (these will be used for contract signing) 

And our boutonnieres

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