Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY: Wedding invitations ♥

As posted below, I am now going to share the templates that I am going to use for our wedding invitations. :D It still remains to be seen though, but as early as now, I started doing the layouts and edited the templates with our own wordings. :D
The invitation suites include the ff:
* Save the Date Card
* Wedding Invitation
* Wedding Party Card
* Reception Card
* Response Card
* Program Cover
* Placecards/Escort Cards
* Table Card
* Menu
* Favor Tags
* Thank You Cards
But since we already have our own designs for table numbers, we are only going to use their templates for:  Wedding Invitation (the main cover); Reception Card; Response Card and the Wedding Party Card.
What I love about this design is its simplicity. It doesn’t have to have lengthy wordings that are essential for large invitations. The design is way too straight to the point, and it only contains the date, venue, wedding party participants and some instructions. :D
The colors of these templates cannot be modified, but good thing they have brown template. And to cut down printing costs, what I decided is to buy colored specialty papers (brown) and copy the sizes and styles of the textboxes on the actual template. I just did this on Microsoft word, and made sure that the textboxes I did are the same with the textbox on the actual design.
Here’s the actual design on the website: 

Too simple eh? But I find it quite elegant!  
Available colors for this template are: Pink, Brown, Blue (pictures above) and Purple. I couldn’t save the brown template since the format is for Microsoft word. 
Yesterday, I printed some black and white samples, and the sizes were just so right. Not too small and not too big. Based on their website, their templates are built to fit multiple cards onto a letter size page (8 1/2 × 11 inches). Once trimmed each card is a typical card size and will fit into standard sized envelopes.

I have listed the materials we’re going to purchase for these DIY invites.
·         Ribbons

·         Parchment paper (planning to put this on the first page where our monogram would be printed)

·         Specialty papers ( for invitations and envelopes)

·         Decorative Papers ( I don’t know what they call this, but this is what I am referring to:)

·         Buckles 

 So until then! :) Next time I post something about wedding invitations, I'd share the actual pictures of the materials that we'll use. :D

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