Monday, October 10, 2011

My fellow bride-to-be's ♥

It really feels great if a bride to be has someone to talk to regarding her rants and wants for her upcoming wedding day. Yes, I do have lots of friends whom I tell my concerns and anxieties regarding the wedding preparations, but it still feels different if the person I talk to regarding these things is also experiencing the same situation --  and they are my fellow bride-to-be’s. For the record, I already know 20 plus beautiful ladies who are getting married next year, and luckily, I am included on the list. Little by little, I am already getting to know them better, and hoping to bond with them in the next few months. Thank you to the thread starter (Sis Di) ♥ Cheers to the 2012 brides! :D 

I told Mark that these ladies are the ladies who can fully understand me this time, so he should support me every time I get to meet with them. It is such a great feeling to share the same sentiments and experiences with them. Without these ladies, I wouldn’t realize that planning for a wedding can be stressful yet pleasurable. To think of, almost all of the suppliers we have booked for the big day were a part of their suggestions and referrals. So I couldn’t thank them enough ;) 

Sharing some pictures we took last Friday with some of my GT friends who also happen to be 2012 brides. ;) 
Shaky hands :D

Doing the 2012 symbols! :D

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