Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free wedding invitation templates for Bride-to-Be's ♥

Happy October! I’ve been busy with work lately, and decided  not to think about the wedding preps for a few days – but since I have already pre-empted that October’s going to be a busy month for me, I can truly say that I am already back on the track! My thinking cap is already contributing more ideas and with that being said, I finally decided to give up Wink as our supplier for wedding invites, and settle for DIY invites. Yes, I know, I may not be crafty as our bride to be’s out there, but with the help of my super-friends, and MORAL support of my husband to be, I know very well that our wedding invites would look perfectly okay. =)
Invitations are very important for couples wedding since this would convey the important details about the wedding - The venue, date and time, wedding reception and some rules about the ceremony. So I suppose, the simple wordings on the invites, the better.
There are so many templates that DIY b2b’s could download over the internet, but most of the samples I’ve checked online don’t match our wedding color. Some templates can be modified but colors are unalterable. Good thing, after the hundreds of searches I made last night, Mr. Google returned me the best free template invitations so far. =) It really pays a lot to be patient in searching since I found this website on number 38 of Google’s search.
Let me share some of the useful websites that b2b’s could use too on their wedding invites.
One of my favorites is the weddingchicks -  I was supposed to create our wedding invitations using this site, but I had a hard time figuring out where to insert the names of our principal sponsors and wedding party participants. The fields are somehow limited, and there are other texts that can’t be modified. But I still consider this site to be the most useful tool I have used most especially in creating our wedding monograms and labels.
Here are the sample wedding invitations that bride-to-be's can use for DIY's. This is actually the easiest invitation generator since all you have to do is fill out the text boxes, and voila! an instant elegant invitation would be generated, at no extra cost.

I also created a few samples from their designs but opted not to share it though. Even if I began blogging everything about the wedding preparations and the details of the wedding, I still want to conceal something about our big day. LOL.But here's the sample I used when I tried creating samples: 

An added factor why I really love wedding chicks is because they offer complete free invitation sets, not just the first page of the wedding invitation. ;) 
Aside from weddingchicks, B2B’s can also check:   I was also planning to use their templates, however, I didn’t find the color combination that we’re suppose to use on our wedding invites. Good thing, the moderator is always up to date, so I emailed her just this morning asking if she can also make a brown and pink wedding invitation template. She then replied and said that my suggestion/ request will be on the queue and she’ll keep me posted once she’s done creating it. And oh yes, before I forget, their templates are elegant too. Evidences below :D

Champagne and pink, is so elegant! This motif was our options before. :D

Another website that I found really helpful too is   however; the downside of this website is that the templates don’t have thumbnails or previews of the designs, so you really have to open the link one by one, if you want to check it all. (Yeah, just like what I did yesterday). Unless you would based the designs according to the title of the templates.Samples below.

I just love the damask on this template. Hopefully they get to create a brown and pink version for this :)

And last but not the least, is: This is actually where we are going to download the templates that we’d use for our wedding invites! They have  few designs that DIY brides can choose from, and what I really loved about this website, is that they have brown templates! – Also, the design that I decided to download from their website is just what Mark and I really wanted – simple and modernized. I know this is going to be a challenge for us, most especially that both of us are really not that *crafty*. Good thing my super friends are willing to help out in printing out and choosing the materials we’re going to use for our invites. I just can no longer wait to share the finished product pictures of our wedding invitations. But to give you a hint how it would look like, please take a peek at the picture below: 
Thank you so much Leahlette for searching this picture!

I will post the design that we're going to use for our invites on my next article ;) (since this article is already lengthy) hehe. :D

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