Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet favors for the Sweet-Tooth! ♥

Ever since I read Martha Stewart’s article about creative desserts for weddings, I always fantasized about having a candy buffet on our wedding day, to serve as a part of our wedding favors. I know some would say that this is too child like, and perhaps much better if used during a children’s party. But looking at these sweet treats made me so giddy, most especially that Mark and I both have a sweet-tooth. 

There came a time that I searched the internet looking for wholesale suppliers of candies – unfortunately, the candy hunting wasn’t a success for me. I know it would also be a challenge for me and my friends how to pull together the decoration for the candy buffet.
Good thing, a friend of mine, who also happens to be a bride to be next year, referred a trustworthy supplier who’s mainly catering desserts. Just like the sweets she is offering, her rates are really 100% tempting. Even though I haven’t tasted these treats, I can truly say that her desserts are really promising. I know for sure even the *oldies* would love these kind of treats. Who doesn’t want chocolates and candies anyway? =) 
Supplier’s Name: Big Tummy Cakes
FYI, she just not offer candy buffet, but offers a wide variety of cookies and other desserts. Aside from that her packages already includes the elegant set up based on the couple’s motif. She has chocolate fountain packages too!

FB: Big Tummy Cakes

Sorry Ms. Aira if I grabbed some photos from your FB page. ♥ I just can't help but share your beautiful works! :) 

Candy bar :)
I know almost everyone love the Gold Coins! :)
Sweet treats! :)
The cupcake bar! :) Isn't it super fun that guests get to choose what sprinkles to use on their cupcakes?

Dessert Bar - Panna cotta - decorated according to theme of the party ;)

Chocolate Fountain
Okay, enough with the pictures, I know you're getting hungry already! :)

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