Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rachebeli Wines - Part 2 ♥

Yesterday, we already made a down payment to Rachebeli Wines. We're lucky enough to avail their summer saver promo :) Hopefully, KC, who is the volunteer consolidator for their groupon discount can gather more orders from B2B's :) Once we’ve reached the total cases required, B2B's can double up their freebies. This is such a great deal for a sweet-tooth like me!

Take a look at the pictures below to give you a glimpse of how they customize their products (Pictures were grabbed from their facebook account)

Wine + Chocolate Bars =  Piece of heaven ♥

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Checklist - Part 2 ♥

10 more months to go before our wedding day, and I think we're almost complete with our wedding checklist. But of course we haven't booked these suppliers; because most of them require us to make a down payment 6 months before the big day.

So let me rundown the dream team we have booked and we're going to book in the next 4 months.

Church: Don Bosco - we already made a down payment last March amounting to 2,000. This is actually the lowest down payment I have checked because most of the churches I have called requires a 50% down payment.

Churches I have inquired: Manila Cathedral (10k downpayment); Malate Church (50% downpayment); Guadalupe Church (7,500 downpayment)

The lower the down payment, the higher the balance would be. So meaning, we still have 20,500 balance w/ Don Bosco. :D

Reception: Great Eastern Hotel - the first time I called GEH, they told me that the down payment for blocking the date would be 20% of the total bill. I already estimated that our bill would go beyond 70K for 100 guests, so I was thinking that we have to down 14,000. So 2,000 plus 14,000 (of course we have to block GEH and Don Bosco at the same time) would be 16,000. However, when Mark and I went to GEH, they told us that they accept pencil bookings, but we opted to make a down payment instead. Good thing Laila (the banquet specialist), who was so friendly & very accommodating allowed us to give 5,000 only for the down payment. 

The moment we were able to block the date with Don Bosco & GEH, Mark and I felt the this is it moment. :D Because we were able to accomplish the most crucial part of the wedding planning stage. -- reserving the church and reception. ;)

Gowns/Suits/Barongs: Rosy's Bridal Center - Honestly, I am not the type of B2b who would splurge something on a dress that can only be worn once. Perhaps twice, on our renewal vows. But I don't think my body built would still be the same 2 years from now. On that note, Mark and I opted to look for a bridal shop that provides quality gowns & suits.

They didn't require us to make a down payment but they told us to come back on February for the gown fitting. However, being a paranoid and super OC bride-to-be, I just said we'll come back on November.

Flowers: Ysabela Florist - I have been exchanging emails and text messages with the proprietess of Ysabela Florist, and I can really tell that she is very accomodating. I don't know much about flowers so I don't know if her rates are more affordable as compared to others. I've set a budget of 7k for the entourage bouquets, but her rates are actually lower from what I have expected.

 Bridal Bouquet   -       1,200 x 1 = 1,200.00
1maid of honor       -        600  x 1 =    600.00               
4 bridesmaids         -         400 x 4 = 1,600.00
4 groomsmen         -         50 x 4  =     200.00
2 flower girls          -        300 x 2 =  600.00
3 secondary sponsors (male) 50 x 3 = 150.00
3 secondary sponsors (female) 75 x 3 = 225
                                                   Total of: 4,575
And to top that, they are giving us a free throw bouquet and loose petals. :)

Photo and Video Services: KikongManlalarawan - I am very fortunate to have an office mate who is a professional photographer. The discount he gave me is tantamount to the normal rate of an amateur photographer. :D

However, he has a condition with the rates he gave me. He told me not to tell anyone the rates he quoted me. Even Kiko was shocked with the original quote he gave. LOL

-         a whole day of pre nuptial photo/video session*
-    post processing of all shots - edit and layout
-    at least two professional photographers on wedding day with Kiko as the main photographer
-    one framed photo canvas print at least 16 x 20 in size
-    one main album with at least 150 photos mostly in 5R (5x7) prints
-    a DVD containing all shots (printed and not printed) edited, in JPEG (approx 1MB per photo). 
-    delivery of album, prints, DVD within Metro Manila**

-    Audio Visual Presentation featuring photos and videos from
                prenup sessions, wedding ceremony and two MTV’s                             
-    Full video coverage including editing                            

All the while, I didn't know that we can afford an onsite video editing (this was actually Mark's frustration), thank you so much Kiko for being so kind. :)

Strings: Velvet Mood
- this was actually the only option I had in mind. Sir Edwin is very accomodating.

Downpayment required is only 2,000 and date is changeable. They do not limit the number of songs they would play unlike other strings. Couples can request songs, and can modify the repertoire. 


Quartet Instrumental (4 instrumental artist-performers) or
Trio Instrumental plus 1 singer (male-tenor) or (female-soprano)
Local rate / Manila           
church ceremony only...    11,000 Php (net)       
reception performance...    11,000 Php (net)       
ceremony and reception...    13,500 Php (net)       

Guest List: Frankly, I didn't know that making a guest list is difficult & to be honest, we cannot invite all our friends, because the number of guests would surely soar up. We originally wanted to have 80-100 guests, but as of right now, we already have 180 guests. -- but we haven't informed them yet. We will notify them 6 months before the wedding. And since we are having a tight-wedding budget, we would be strict with the RSVP thingy. :D. We scrutinized the people we've known for quite some time and would only invite true friends who will be there not just on the ceremony & reception, but friends who would be there even after the wedding day. 

Wines: Rachebeli Wines - This wasn't actually part of the plan, but Mark and I think that it would be elegant if we give wine for our _________.

Entourage List: Related link:

We still have a long way to go, and our wedding checklist is not yet complete; but I can pretty tell that we're already getting there. We must face the reality that it's getting nearer and nearer, and we are very much excited about it.

With all the stress and sleepless days (not nights because I sleep during daytime:) come the wedding day, I will be stress free already. Because I've had enough stress during the planning stage. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rachebeli Wines

Originally, Mark and I planned that we would give sinamay lamps to our primary sponsors, but we're a bit worried about the packaging that we have to use, since the lamps that we're planning to give them are quite huge.

So when I came across the Rachebeli wines website (which I have been seeing on the forum website I have subscribed to, but didn't bother to read it) ; it made me so interested because one of the flavors they are selling is actually my favorite fruit-- mango! :) -- so the favor is upon me again.

Good thing Rachebeli has a summer promo, and we are so fortunate that we can make use of it even if the wedding is still next year. They do have great freebies and one thing I love the most about their product is they customize the wine label at no additional cost! To top that, they offer free delivery within the Metro. ;)

Part of every purchase you make goes to Project Brave K.I.D.S. whose mission is to assist children with cancer and their families by enhancing their social, emotional and physical well-being in the hopes of improving their quality of life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Keepsakes ♥

Though it's too early to decide what souvenirs to give our guests, I have already started canvassing during the early stages of our planning stage. To be exact, year 2010. LOL. Even before Mark and I decided where the ceremony would take place, I never stopped searching the Internet for potential keepsakes. Something that would remind our guests about our wedding. I wanted to have something that would define our personalities.
I didn’t know that looking for a possible keepsake for a wedding can be demanding too. (Maybe just for me); to be frank, I’m really confuse what wedding souvenirs to choose. We should choose a souvenir that also depicts our personality. So, in that case, it must be pink and girly, blue and quiet? Okay, so that’s kinda hard. :D
 My friend Rodel, even said that it's too early to look for our wedding souvenirs. He advised that we should start from the biggest to the smallest detail. Like church, reception, entourage & guest list, gown and down to souvenirs. He said that I should consider souvenirs as a miscellaneous. However, being an excited bride, it didn’t stop me from looking for possible giveaways.
On the other hand, while our package in GEH already includes 50 souvenirs, Mark and I still opted to look for another souvenirs. To be frank, we really didn’t like their souvenirs. It is so old-school, or perhaps, we are just not a fan of figurines (doves, hearts, houses, couple dancing, etc). Mark even said to me, “bagay naman yang souvenirs nila, diba vintage ang theme natin?” –but of course, he only meant it as a joke. :D
So here are the choices Mark and I have in mind. Still don’t have a final decision yet. - & we have no plans on deciding on it yet. It’s too early pa. We still have a long way to think about it ;)
Since I'm 1/4 chinese, it's also a good idea to have this ;)

I don't know the reason why I thought of these as our souvenirs

Since we want something useful, we're also thinking about giving scribble pads

To express our love for sweets :D

Or the craze these days, Photobooth!!! :)
 I was about to add some pictures too from Polka David, but their website has already been suspended. Alas, I didn't save the pictures. -- it's super cute pa naman. It's a tin can with white beads on it; shape is a bride's dress; and the other one is a tin can too, but the shape is tuxedo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The quest for my wedding dress - Part 2 ♥

Last Sunday, Mark and I went to Rosy's bridal Center, in Redemptorist Baclaran. True to its tag, the owner and the manananahi are very accommodating -- They kept us calling 'apo' and 'anak'.

Our original plan was to go to GEH, so we can start our staggered payments. (Ang sakit kaya mag labas ng malaking pera on the wedding day itself), but due to heavy rain, Mark and I both decided to go to
RBC instead and inquire about their wedding gown packages.

The owner handed me a book full of designs created by his son, Ogie Bamba. I was very amazed and I loved each gown he designed! (Now I’m already thinking to have 2 gowns for our wedding day); most especially that their rates are very 100% tempting! When I say tempting, I really mean, 100% affordable. But that’s not to declare that their gowns are cheap. Along with Ogie’s sketches, they also showed me the albums that their clients gave them as a remembrance and sign of gratitude for creating their gowns at its perfection. Frankly speaking, their work is really beautiful, to the extent that I already feel exaggerating this post as well as every time I share RBC to my friends.

This bridal shop is truly an answered pray to me, most especially that we're having a tight budget wedding. And to top that, they also have actress/actor clients.  Some even say that most of their designs can stand up side by side with couture gowns that cost more than ten times.

B2B's can opt to bring their own design (which I am going to do) and they will happily tailor it for you. They also have lots of bridal magazines where brides can choose designs; or Ogie can happily design a gown for you too. :)

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Contact Information for Rosy’s Bridal Center

Address: 1489 & 1491 Redemptorist Rd., Baclaran, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: 8321616
Telefax: 8310929
Website :

Friday, June 17, 2011

Choosing our Bridal Entourage ♥

Planning for our wedding is very exciting, stressful and tiring. There are lots of things that need to be finalized starting from church, reception, gowns, flowers and even the matches. :D But one of the most important things to take into consideration during this planning stage is choosing the persons who would march along with us – the bridal entourage.

Frankly speaking, I didn't have a hard time choosing my bridal entourage; since I have great friends who are very supportive and would find a perfect role on our wedding day. Unfortunately, I cannot include them all on my list. But then - if Mark and I have the means, I would include each and everyone of them on my bridal entourage. ♥

We have to be careful on choosing the bridal entourage. We need to pick someone that can support and guide us not just during the wedding planning stage; but someone who will really be there for us when the wedding day is over. 

Since my family is not that big – (though I have 2 older sister I haven’t seen in my entire life; whom I think and wish could also be part of my bridal entourage – but way too impossible to happen) I have to choose someone from my circle of TRUE friends. Friends who have witnessed how Mark and I ended to each other’s arms. 

So let’s start with my maid of honor. 

Jenny Lyn Mirabueno (okay, I just spelled your name correctly) - I personally hand-picked this person not just because she’s too close to my heart but because she knows the real story behind Mark’s love interest for me. She witnessed how Mark & I started.

I also read from a magazine that we should choose a MOH who really works close to you (as in by distance). There’s no point to choose your super close friend if she works abroad. Remember, a MOH has a big part on the wedding. She does most of the tasks: D – so this is also one of the reasons why I chose Jenny Lyn Mirabueno. hehe

Bridesmaids (Angelique Samonte, Lady Therese Marielle Libo-on, Edry Rebamontan & Abigail Tamayo)

Okay, so these are the ladies who are my super friends during my child hood days up to this moment)

Angelique or Gica is my niece (the daughter of my late cousin); she was my playmate when I was still a little girl and when her parents got married, I was part of the entourage too ;) – flower girl. 

Lady Therese Marielle Libo-on – my best friend in college ;) & will always be my best friend for the rest of my life! ♥

Edry Rebamontan – my chum during IBM days. She knows everything about my love life. From crushes to bf’s. LOL. She’s like an older sister to me. 

Abigail Tamayo – another close friend of mine here at OSRP. She is so nice and so supportive and makes me realize and feel that our small budget for the wedding would really go a long way. 

Principal sponsors (from my side only) – actually a lot of people are recommending themselves to be a part of my principal sponsors; however I just opted to choose 3 pairs from my side. These are the people who really helped my family and never left us in spite of everything. ;)

Secondary Sponsors –, since Mark has 3 sisters, it’s a good idea to include them as my secondary sponsors. 

Flower girls – my little sister (Angelica) and her playmate (Cindy). Cindy’s mother is a good friend of my mom and she knows how my relationship with Mark started ;)

Of course Mark has his own list of entourage too, but as far as I know, these guys are his ‘kababata’.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flowers on Wedding Reception

It pays a lot if a bride-to-be knows something about flowers. – This is a great help most especially in choosing the right flowers on their wedding day.
Sadly, I am not that well-rounded with the varieties of flowers. If prospected suppliers would ask me what kind of bouquet I want on my wedding day, I will definitely stutter and would end up saying: ‘Basta po kulay pink’. (Pink, as in Santan?) :D –
Yes, there are thousands of flowers that B2b’s can choose from - there are: Gerbera, Carnation, Mums, Sweet Williams, Machola and so much more. Clueless as I am, I didn’t even know that these flowers exist; as the flowers I’m only familiar with are: orchids, sampaguita, yellow bell and bougainvillea (I even searched google for the correct spelling of this flower. LOL)
So right now, though I already have a supplier in mind, (Ready to meet them in Mid-September for the contract signing) I am still a bit puzzled whether to hire them as well for the reception set-up.
Originally, Mark and I decided to have GEH adorn the function hall on our wedding day. Their package ranges from 6000 to 10,000) and since I do not know much about flowers, I guess it’s not a bad idea to choose the 10,000 package :D . The banquet specialist (Laila) promised that the venue will look super bongga, which I really liked. But here’s the catch, we cannot choose what kind of flowers they are going to decorate the whole function room. She said that our motif would be followed (starting from drapes, curtains down to table covers) – but I’m pretty scared that the flowers they are going to use wouldn’t match our wedding colors.
Sample:  (Basic set up ) -- sadly, I don’t have any samples from their 6,800 – 10,000 rates.
Photo courtesy from: Shutterbride (

 Here's a glimpse of how GEH grand ballroom function room looks like without a set up
Winding stairs - isn't it lovely? ☻

Taken from my camera ☻

Another supplier which we have in mind for the venue set up is Ysabela’s Florist. They do drapes & venue set up of course. However, looking at the 2nd quotation they have sent me, their rates when it comes to venue set up is definitely 100% more expensive as compared to GEH set up rates. Let’s do the math:
Tall vase top arrangements – 700 * 18 (tables) = 12600

Couples Table – 3,500

Couples Back drop – 6,000

Presidential Long Table – 6,000

That would be 22,700 plus the 560 corkage fee from GEH. – okay so this one is so totally out of our budget. Yes flowers do bring up the mood for every occasion, but this is way too costly for the budget we have set on venue decoration. But if their rates are negotiable, then there’s no reason for us not to book them ;) – it remains to be seen though. 

Sample set- up ♥ -- these are really lovely

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blurting out the negative thoughts

Wedding day is fast approaching, -- and truly, Mark and I are so excited but on the other hand, both of us are also nervous. (Or should I say, only ME) – I’m the only one who is so freaking worried all throughout the engagement process.
While Mark and I both wanted to have a perfect and intimate wedding, we are also having a hard time trying to figure out where to start first. At the back of our minds, we are a bit anxious about the upshot of the plans we are doing right now. Some would say that a wedding planner can help ease these thoughts, but there is no way we are going to hire a wedding planner. Simply because, that is an extra cost on our wedding budget. Thank you to my dear friend Rodel C., for offering your free services! This might be a big step on your career. LOL. (It's so nice to have true friends who are willing to help out on our wedding day without shedding too much of our wedding budget.) ♥
To ease the negativity that I am having right, now might as well blurt it out. :D
·         I can’t get enough thinking about our wedding, hoping everything would turn our perfectly.
·         I am doubting every suppliers – thinking that they would run away and don’t show up on our wedding day
·         Thinking: what if the bridal car doesn’t show up on time? As well as with the HMUA?
·         What if it RAINS on our wedding day!
·         What if my gown doesn’t fit me!?
·         What if the bridal store we are coordinating with got broke and they have to close? How about our down-payments?
·         What if the plans we are trying to envision do not turn out so well?
Frankly, there are so many off-putting thoughts I have in mind, which make me feel pretty anxious all throughout the wedding stage. But still, I am so excited about our wedding and can’t stop thinking about it.
Nothing is absolutely wrong, perhaps this is what most brides feel before they get married. Wedding jitters, I suppose.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Veil: Birdcage

Long train for my wedding gown has been a part of my fantasy when I was still a little girl. But as my preference and belief changes, having a long train plus the usual veil came out of the picture. :D  
I am pretty sure, that having ruffles and overlay on my wedding gown would suit a bird cage veil. This is not a typical wedding veil that brides wear during their wedding day, since the long veil looks more romantic (for me); whereas the net type focuses more on the fashion side (just an opinion).
I am planning to make my own bird cage veil, but I am not that crafty, so I guess I am left with no choice at all but to find a supplier. Along with my bird cage veil, my 'girls' are going to have their head piece too! ♥ Hopefully,we can find these stuff somewhere in Baclaran/Divisoria bridal shops. :D 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Entourage Gowns Inspiration

Looking for a wedding gown is easier said than done, but I just found out that searching for entourage gown designs is more difficult-- (for me) 

Most likely the reason behind this is because I know the design that I want for my wedding gown, but I am not so sure if the design I would pick for my bridesmaids would suit their taste, and the other way around. But since my 'girls' are going to shoulder the expenses for their dress, I am giving them the freedom to choose the design they want. So long they follow the rules I have set. IT MUST BE SOMETHING CONSERVATIVE. Not because I am conservative – but certainly because Don Bosco is way too strict when it comes to wedding attires. 

My MOH, together with some helpful friends are still looking for the entourage gowns that would suit our 'Vintage Style' theme. Vintage gown with a touch of pink can be very tricky; most especially that the designs we’ve seen online are almost the same. Long, backless, haltered. – We wanted something unique

Here are some of our wedding gown designs that we are trying to envision (Thank you ruffles) --but then of course colors would change according to our wedding motif ;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bridal Car choices

Unlike other b2b's, bridal car is included on my top list. It is so essential to me since this is the means that would take me to the wedding ceremony. So I have to find a good supplier, who arrives earlier than our call time & that wouldn't bring me to the pits, and leave me riding a cab or even worse, a pedicab :D I have nothing against those means of transpo, but I don't want to experience boo-boo's on our wedding day.
Looking for a vendor for bridal car didn't give me too much stress because I already have three suppliers in mind. (Thank you to my wedding magazines!) We're choosing among: Don Robert, Will You Mini Me & Fly to Manila.
Don Robert offers vintage cars, while Will You Mini Me only caters Mini coopers; whereas Fly to Manila has regular bridal cars like Toyota, Honda, and even fortuner. Looking at the prices they sent me, Fly to Manila has the most reasonable rates which is good for 8 hours -- most of the bridal car services only offers 3-4 hours.
Below are the choices that we have in mind, to suit our wedding theme. :)
1932 Studebaker

Pearl White Mini Cooper

1936 Austin Lichfield

1965 Mustang (Vertical Doors)
Chedeng! :)
Or if our budget permits (which I think is impossible, because the rent for this bridal trolley is P20,000.00 :D) we're gonna rent a trolley for our entourage. ♥ (If lang naman)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strings - Velvet Mood

Since musicians are not included on our package in Don Bosco, it is a must that we look for our own singers. Yes I do have lots of friends who can sing on our wedding day, but Mark and I opted to look for a quartet (or should I say, I opted) :D

Looking for a supplier came in handy for me because of the contacts I've seen on magazines. There are lots of choices such as: Philharmonic Orchestra, Ateneo Glee Club, Leggiero Strings, Librante and so much more. But there's this one supplier that stood out while I was browsing the magazine. It was Velvet Mood Musicale.

Amongst the lists of strings I've compiled, Velvet Mood is actually the most affordable. Also, unlike others, they do not limit the number of songs they are going to play all throughout the wedding.

Velvet Mood Ensembles and Musical Services