Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strings - Velvet Mood

Since musicians are not included on our package in Don Bosco, it is a must that we look for our own singers. Yes I do have lots of friends who can sing on our wedding day, but Mark and I opted to look for a quartet (or should I say, I opted) :D

Looking for a supplier came in handy for me because of the contacts I've seen on magazines. There are lots of choices such as: Philharmonic Orchestra, Ateneo Glee Club, Leggiero Strings, Librante and so much more. But there's this one supplier that stood out while I was browsing the magazine. It was Velvet Mood Musicale.

Amongst the lists of strings I've compiled, Velvet Mood is actually the most affordable. Also, unlike others, they do not limit the number of songs they are going to play all throughout the wedding.

Velvet Mood Ensembles and Musical Services

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