Tuesday, May 31, 2011

E-session Venue ♥

Mark has always been a big fan of military/marines/air force. He used to tell me that he wanted to be a part of US Marines if fate permits. So we’re planning to fit in his reverie on one of our pre-nuptial photo shoot venue – the Philippine Air force Museum.

I have seen a lot of pre-nuptial sessions by married couples, and was astonished by the venues they have selected; planes, helicopters and other vintage aircrafts. All the while, I didn’t know that this place is situated in Villamor Airbase, which is quite near my place.

So last Saturday, May 28, my dear friends who have been so supportive about our wedding plans, accompanied me to Villamor Airbase to have an occular visit. Sadly, Mark wasn't able to join us. 

Peso power for the photo ops is P1,000 which is only good for 4 hours. We have to choose between 8AM to 12Noon or 1PM to 4PM. The moderators were very accommodating and they answered all our questions. The PAF has a function room too that couples can rent out. Venue rental is only 5K, no corkage fees which is 100% A-okay. Downside of the venue rental is you have to sign a contract stating that they can cancel your reservation even the day before your wedding, if the armies need to use the conference hall. Yes, a big gamble for a wedding day eh? So this venue is now totally out of the picture. 

Sample shot from Kiko (P/V)

On the other hand, this is really a good place where in we could take our e-sessions, most especially that Mark is really into this concept and our theme is ‘vintage’ – more of like a Pearl Harbor theme! =)

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