Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lesson I learned from attending our 1st bridal fair

Bringing money during bridal fairs most especially if the wedding is not less than 6 months is probably the number 1 lesson I have learned from attending bridal fairs. I myself is such a fan of huge discounts and easily fall to marketing strategies.  
When Mark and I attended a bridal fair last February in PICC, we instantly reserved our slot in City Garden Suites for our reception, without even having second thoughts. The AE offered us free upgrades and waived all the corkage fees; and she even promised that we won’t be affected by their price increase for this year. 

Receipt! sigh, good bye 5,000 pesos!

We were actually enticed by her offer, and I can pretty tell that the offer was really good! From Bridal suite to penthouse, from 3 hours rent of venue to 4 hours and so much more. We even went to City Garden Suites to see how it looks like. After signing the contract, Mark and I were pleased by our decision.
City Garden Suites - lobby

City Garden Suites booth

City Garden Suites

However, after a few months, Mark & I had a mutual decision to move the venue from Malate to Makati due to money-matters. We were actually dismayed that we had to let go of our 5k reservation which is no longer refundable. Hehe. So to cut it short, I should have listened to my friends that we shouldn’t give in with the supplier’s offers easily. Come on, 5k is still 5k, and we can buy a lot of things from that amount.  But in fairness to bridal fairs; the suppliers really offer huge discounts that really tailors to a budgeted wedding.

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