Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reception Hunting

Church dilemma has been resolved, and just like the nerve-racking decision making, we even experienced this with choosing the wedding reception venue.
Truly accepted; the first days of our planning stage was really unorganized. We started with the invites, cakes, photographers, without even thinking of the church & reception. It was like a patching planning stage, we suppose.
There was an idea of Ibarra’s Garden, Bali Garden, Intramuros, Palacio de Maynila, Ysabel’s Garden, Endramada, Monti de Portofino and so much more. But since we have decided to book Don Bosco Parish, looking for the reception venue comes in handy.
Since Mark and I thought that we are going to have the wedding in Manila, we reserved our slot in City Garden Suites, Manila during the bridal fair. However, since we had to start from scratch and disregard our previous plans, we had to look for a new reception.
And that's where Great Eastern Hotel took its place. My friends weren't convinced that much with the sudden change of plans, but then, this time around, we really have to make sure and decide about this, since this is really no joke. Some couple might get our slot, and preferred date. WE ARE ALREADY RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Remember, I have a wedding calendar to follow, since Mark and I are both busy and should stick with it. At first, we had doubts about it, and kind of hesitant to book it, but when we visited the place, we both agreed that we want really want book the place. We booked the church and reception at the same time.
We decided to get the Grand Ballroom function hall that has a winding staircase. Mark and I can really tell that the place is so pleasing to the eyes. We immediately fell in love with it and thought why we had to decide to book City Garden Suites in the first place.
Of all the quotations and venue we had researched for the past few months, (to be exact, 4 months) we finally made up our minds to have our reception in Great Eastern Hotel. Their wedding package offered everything everything we need. No need to think of the miscellaneous and venue set-up; which was actually part of the major problems we had before while scouting for the venue.

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