Saturday, December 10, 2016

Suppliers Review: Ysabela Florist (Entourage Flowers)

Rating: óóóóó (5 stars)
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One of the photographers thought this was my wedding bouquet
so they took a picture of it beside my Bride sign. Pretty, eh? :)
I consider Ysabela Florist as one of the most considerate suppliers we have booked for our wedding. They have revised our contract a couple of times, not because of me, acting as the fickle-minded bride, but rather the cost effective bride. :D When we first talked to them, Mark and I said that we are going to get the services for the church set up; then changed to reception set up. But due to the fact that our wedding expenses became more costly than what we have expected, Mark and I decided to book them as our supplier for wedding entourage flowers. After all, our package with Don Bosco and Great Eastern Hotel already includes the floral decoration.

I love the way how they made the entourage flowers, even my throw bouquet, where most of the people who went to my room before the wedding day, thought that my throw bouquet is my actual wedding bouquet. Even my mom, who isn’t a big fan of wedding bouquets, was really impressed with it, and she even wanted to hold it during the procession. The wristers they made for our female entourage were also beautiful. Though the colors they used didn’t match our wedding motif, it still looks really okay. Besides, I didn’t coordinate with them that much in terms of the colors and type of flowers they are going to use. I wasn’t really that particular with the colors, most especially that I do not have enough knowledge with the types of flowers. :D