Tuesday, May 31, 2011

E-session Venue ♥

Mark has always been a big fan of military/marines/air force. He used to tell me that he wanted to be a part of US Marines if fate permits. So we’re planning to fit in his reverie on one of our pre-nuptial photo shoot venue – the Philippine Air force Museum.

I have seen a lot of pre-nuptial sessions by married couples, and was astonished by the venues they have selected; planes, helicopters and other vintage aircrafts. All the while, I didn’t know that this place is situated in Villamor Airbase, which is quite near my place.

So last Saturday, May 28, my dear friends who have been so supportive about our wedding plans, accompanied me to Villamor Airbase to have an occular visit. Sadly, Mark wasn't able to join us. 

Peso power for the photo ops is P1,000 which is only good for 4 hours. We have to choose between 8AM to 12Noon or 1PM to 4PM. The moderators were very accommodating and they answered all our questions. The PAF has a function room too that couples can rent out. Venue rental is only 5K, no corkage fees which is 100% A-okay. Downside of the venue rental is you have to sign a contract stating that they can cancel your reservation even the day before your wedding, if the armies need to use the conference hall. Yes, a big gamble for a wedding day eh? So this venue is now totally out of the picture. 

Sample shot from Kiko (P/V)

On the other hand, this is really a good place where in we could take our e-sessions, most especially that Mark is really into this concept and our theme is ‘vintage’ – more of like a Pearl Harbor theme! =)

Friday, May 27, 2011

A lurker bride-to-be

I’ve been a lurker for a while through forums and online polls. It’s now a part of my daily routine while trying to get ideas from brides/bride to be’s. One forum that I am trying to back read right now is all about wedding gowns, and the best couturiers in town. Up to this moment, I still haven’t decided where to get my wedding dress (Rosys’ / Mitch Desunia couture – I have blogged this on my previous entry) , but one thing is for sure; I’m not going to splurge just for a dress that I couldn’t even wear for the second time. (This is because I’m only getting married once!) =)
So far, here are the wedding gown inspirations I have compiled. It’s all about ruffles and overlay. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Save the Date

I have been raving about Save-the-date ideas lately, and still quite confuse what concept to use. Last time, I was crazy about empty jars with cookie drops on it, but right now, I’m looking into putting cookies on an acetate box, and stick our monogram on it. I know this is an extra expense on our budget, but I’m willing to save an extra just for this favor. :D
Here are the ideas I have in mind: 

Or if this concept is already out of the budget, probably this jpeg file would do, and we'll send it out via email. LOL

Flowers on Wedding Day

May 26 2011 - officially 1 year before our wedding date! ♥

The wedding won’t surely be complete if a bride doesn’t have a bridal bouquet. Flowers lift up the mood of the occasion and guests feel more welcome, at ease and more special.
Fresh flowers are on my top list and I made sure to find a supplier that offers the best quality, yet still within our means. Looking at the bridal magazines I have, there are lots of suppliers that caters to any events, but their rates are quite pricey .
Good thing a bride-to-be I have met thru a Female network (thank you sis lenie!) referred me to her florist located in Quezon City & she assured that her rates are within our limit – Ms. Weng, the florist I have talked to was very accommodating and was able to customize our package.
1 Bridal Bouquet
1 Made of honor
3 bridesmaids
3 groomsmen
4 flower girls
3 secondary sponsors (male)
3 secondary sponsors (female)
Plus: A free throw bouquet and loose petals J
Her packages really fit our budget, and to believe it or not, she offers a complete package for as low as 7K for church set up and entourage flowers) J
Sample bouquets:  

Supplier's Name: Ysabela Florist
Email: ysabelaflorist@yahoo.com
Facebook account: www.facebook.com/ysabela.florist 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

City Garden Suites and Great Eastern Hotel

The package we reserved for City Garden costs 83,100 for 100 guests, and pretty much offers everything. The banquet specialist who assisted us upgraded our package at no extra cost since we reserved our slot during a bridal fair in PICC. 
Sample set- up ♥

Sample Ceremony Set - up ♥

From Mark's camera -- lobby

Their booth during bridal fair

Function room we have reserved ♥
Facade of the hotel - super visible electrical wires and narrow roads are minus factors

Here are the inclusions:
1. Overnight Accommodation in a Penthouse Room for two with FREE Buffet Breakfast **
2. Doves **
3. Guest Book with pen and logo**
4. Wine for the ceremonial toasting**
5. Floral decorations on stage, buffet & individual table centerpiece**
6. Sound System and Lights for background music & program support**
7. Free function room rental for 4 hours**
8. Torch Parade**
9. 50 pcs giveaways
10. Free Food tasting for Two persons
11. Three layer Fondant cake
12. FREE Chocolate Fountain
13. FREE Bubble Machine
14. Bridal Car w/ Car bouquet
15. Dedicated professional events personnel to attend to all necessities.

On top of 100 guests, we have to add 695 pesos. It was a good deal though, but since we are expecting more than 100 guests, then I think we have to allot more money than 83K. So we have set 100K for the food, since we are expecting 150+ guests. Aside from the food, we also have to pay for our P/V, our attire, the church, invitations, and other misc fees. When I computed everything, we would roughly go beyond 150K. I thought City Garden was the best package we have scouted, but when I came across Great Eastern Hotel, the urge I felt with City Garden suddenly vanished. Though it has never been my first choice, I was truly persuaded by the packages they offered me. Finding this hotel was like a matter of coincidence since I only found their contact information while I was browsing the yellow pages, and just tried to call them to compare the packages they have.
When I called them up, I was really convinced by their packages. When I told this to Mark, he was kind of hesitant because we already shed 5K for our reservation with City Gardens, but then I promised him that we can save more if we go for Great Eastern Hotel.
But of course, we upgraded everything. Yes, their packages are more reasonable as compared to other hotels, but they a lot of corkage’s too! Good thing we were able to squeeze everything, and now can accommodate 200 guests.
Winding Staircase (Mark really loved this!)

Strike a pose babe! ♥