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Wedding Checklist

Looking at the wedding checklist we've seen and printed online, we can tell that we are still lacking 97.5% of it. No need to rush, as me, being the super hands on bride, doesn't want to be a BRIDEZILLA. Good thing the wedding date is set to next year and we still have a lot of time to prepare. Thanks to my dear officemates/ wedding planners too. They've been so helpful with setting a checklist for us. So far, here are the things we have accomplished. ♥

Church: Don Bosco, Arnaiz Avenue √

After the "never-ending" church hunting; from South to North- we ended up in Makati. Don Bosco coordinators are really kind enough to answer all our inquiries. Their package are quite expensive as compared to the previous churches we've inquired, but there's something about this church that made us the feel the 'THIS IS IT' moment. Their package already includes the mass & venue set-up. Sad thing it doesn't include the musicians - We're keeping our fingers crossed that everything's going to be fine until our wedding day; most especially that this church is really strict (time, dress, songs) as compared to other churches.
PROS: Accessible
CONS: Too strict (Brides can't wear backless, tube and the like - though this is not applicable for me since I don't want to flaunt my back); 5,000 penalty fee if the wedding doesn't start on time, on top of 22,500)

Reception - Great Eastern Hotel √

Reception - Great Eastern Hotel √
Planning for a budgeted wedding can really put a couple into a stressful situation. We even shed or shall I say wasted P5,000.00 just to block the date on City Garden Suites, only to find out that we won't be having our reception in Malate, Manila. Oh well, I guess that's what happens if a B2B is such an impulsive planner. Good thing, Great Eastern Hotel offers an indeed budget-friendly wedding packages. So ending, we have to close our eyes and let go of the 5,000 reservation fee (which is actually non-refundable) from City Garden, and have our reception in Great Eastern Hotel, Makati Avenue ♥
Here are the inclusions for the wedding package we have. Less stress, because we don't have to think about contacting more suppliers.
*Fondant Cake
*Overnight stay at the hotel
*Food (ofcourse)
*Sound System
*Floral decoration
*Souvenirs - to be honest, Mark and I made fun with the souvenirs they are offering. It's way off our taste. :D Sorry, but we are not a fan of figurines (Doves, houses, hearts, etc) at all.

Also, there is no need for us to think of the lighting, since the ambiance on the function room we are getting is already 'elegant'.
PROS: Budget-friendly wedding packages; accessible
CONS: Food set-up is not buffet; functions rooms are kinda old - but still it's grandeur

Wedding Motif - Checked √

Wedding Motif - Checked √
As we all know, there is always that feeling of joy and anticipation in choosing a wedding motif. From Pink and Green, Orange and Gold, Brown and Pink; we finally came up with our wedding motif. -- Pale Pink and Gold; sophisticated & elegant eh? ♥

Guest List - √

Guest List - √
Originally, Mark and I wanted an intimate wedding. Unfortunately, or should I say, fortunately, we have lots of friends - so it's really difficult to trim down guests. From 100 to 150, and now we're up to 200. Good thing, we're complete with our guests list (we 180), but we are setting a buffer of 20 guests. Little did I know that making a guest list can be so stressful. These words kept coming from my mouth when Mark was writing down his guests: 'Iimbitahan mo pa ba yan? Bakit nakakausap mo ba sya?'; Wag mo imbitahan yan, mamalasin ang kasal natin for sure!' LOL

Photo & Video Services - Kikongmanlalarawan √

Photo & Video Services - Kikongmanlalarawan √
Kiko is really a great help for our wedding. All his ideas are really amazing, and gee, he really gave us a huge discount!!! On-site video from preps and wedding ceremony, whole day e-session & so much more.

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