Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre - Cana Seminar = Checked! ♥

Yesterday, H2b and I attended our whole day Pre-Cana Seminar. For those who doesn't know what Pre-cana means, this is more of a marriage preparation seminar that is required in every church wedding. The seminar lasted for 9 hours (yes, 9 hours!) but even if the seminar was quite long (as compared to other churches) Mark and I really enjoyed the topics and learned so many things about the life we would have after the wedding. ☻

The speakers discussed abortion, the differences between the two-sexes, how to conceive a baby, infidelity and of course, the RH Bill. They even prepared some activities for the couples to check if the soon to be husband and wife do not clash with their decisions in life - and if in case the couple answered differently, it is a must that we explain in details why we answered that "way". Since h2b and I sat on the front row, the speakers kept asking us random questions. haha!

There were 9 couples who attended the seminar (including us of course) and I can truly say each and everyone of us learned so many things about it. There were a total 7 speakers, who shared their experiences about their married life, and made us realize that no matter what happens and once we say exchange our I Do's in front of God, no one can separate us. So the term Hiwalayan, should really be taken out of the picture. 

Overall, h2b and I were both satisfied with the discussions they prepared for us, but of course, there were some lapses during the seminar. There were some speakers who just read the handout as if we were just listening from the readings during a Sunday Mass. But nevertheless, we enjoyed their topics! Except that the seminar is way too long. haha! Whole day ba naman eh. lol.

Photo grabbed from a someone else's wedsite. ;) This was the same questionnaire we filled out during the 1st activity ♥


  1. hi, may i know where you had your pre-cana seminar?

    1. on Don Bosco church :) it's already part of their package


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