Thursday, May 31, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Customized Hanger for Wedding

Hi! Only Four more days before the big day! ♥ I'm still in the office and haven't filed my leave yet (haha), but probably I'll take my 2 weeks leave starting this Wednesday. But before that, I just wanted to share what my friend Joyce gave me yesterday as her wedding gift for H2b and me. 

Photo grabbed from the supplier of customized hangers. ♥

Lovely, isn't it? :) This is just perfect because I do not have a bridal form. Tee Hee. 

Ciao! In my next post, I'm probably Mrs. A already. I can no longer wait to share our wedding pictures! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

1 week to go

The official countdown begins today!!! ♥♥♥
1 week to go and I'll be Mrs. A already!!! Can't wait! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY: Wedding Favors Packaging

I felt a little better because I have already said what I wanted to say regarding the RSVP thingy.

For this post, I am going to share the packaging we are going to do with our wedding favors. Just like with our other DIY’s, h2b and I are very happy with the results. Not only because we find it pleasing to our EYES, but it is really earth friendly (hehe) and so easy to do. Packing these  additional wedding favors is just a piece of cake! 

Here’s how it looks like. 

RSVP Dilemma

8 more days! Oh no, I’m getting nervous already! And yes, we’re on a relaxed mode already (except for the guest list) ahaha! I guess, it really is hard to do an RSVP with SOME Pinoys. They will never really understand its importance. But that wouldn’t stop me from being too happy and giddy about our upcoming wedding. Let Go and Let God.

 We’ve done our part, and we’re hoping that they do their part as well. Come on people, we would understand if you can’t attend our wedding but would REALLY love it if you can come (WE REALLY DO). Just don’t make lame excuses because it's way too obvious. 

This is a big event that Mark and I have prepared for a year, and we would want you to be a part of it. The words: maybe, I guess, I don’t know, not yet sure are really unacceptable. 

Please appreciate that we have included you on the primary list of our guests, and as much as we would LOVE to invite all our friends and relatives on our big day, we CAN’T – because we have written your name first. That is because you are special to us. That we want you to witness as we pledge our Love in front of God. Isn't that wonderful? :) So please, my friends – help us by easing our “wedding load” by confirming. We only have a week to go before the big day ♥

PS: Mark and I are not good in decoding, so we wouldn't understand if you say BEST WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS, if we ask you if you can attend the wedding or not. hehehe. PEACE! ☻☻☻

Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY: Packaging for Bearers giveaways

“Too Girly” – that’s what H2b said when he saw the way I wrapped our giveaways for our bearers. He’s okay with the left over special gift wrapper that I used to cover the box, but he rapidly disagreed when he saw the paper flowers that I used to top it.

I find this still lovely, besides the bearers wouldn’t even notice that the way I wrapped their giveaways are way too girly – because they’re after what’s inside. We know how kids get too excited unwrapping a gift.

 If I remove the paper flower, it would look too dull. But according to my friend, the paper flowers make the gift more Wedding Appropriate. ☻ 

Here's what's inside the Too Girly Box. hehe. 

I'm still thinking to change the paper flowers to color brown though. :D 

Wedding Games Prizes

Originally, Mark and I didn’t want to “insert” games on our wedding program, but since our emcee was too consistent and promise that this should be a part of the program, he finally convinced us both agreed to have this as a part of the wedding activity.

Honestly, games do not excite me that much, and I really hate participating to this activity. It gives me this weird feeling plus the 100% nervousness thinking that everyone would make fun of me if I lose the game. I guess I’m no sport after all. Hehe.

But then again, we’ve got no choice but to do this, and since we are going to be the main host of the wedding party, it’s actually A-ok for me. 

So, games would mean a winner, and winner would mean – a Prize! :D

Mark thought of giving Starbucks Gift cert, but I disagreed with his idea, because I find this quite typical already. Here’s what I decided to give to our two lucky winner! ♥

For the girl winner: Bath Set
For the boy: Swiss Knife 

Simple yet elegant eh? Ohh, I forgot to mention that this is REALLY inexpensive. 

DIY Packaging for Groomsmen Souvenirs

With not too much experience of wrapping gifts, I actually had hard time thinking of ways how to wrap and decorate our giveaways for Mark’s groomsmen. His giveaways for his “boys” are too small and I found it quite a challenge because the tags we have printed out are larger than the actual souvenirs. Haha.

So, I had to cut the tags using normal scissors, since I couldn’t find my pinking shears. Ending, the curves that I want to achieve didn’t become too curvy, but rather inconsistent curves. LOL. But since Mark is very supportive with all my ideas, he found the packaging really likeable and presentable!

See for yourself.    

Here's what's inside: 

Peso Power: 754.50 for 7 lighters ☻
Lighters: Lighters Galore (100.00 each)
Gift wrapper : 39.00
Tags: 17.50

My Two Pairs of Bridal Shoes ♥

I’m a bit anxious since it’s going to be my first time to wear high heeled shoes on my wedding day.  I haven’t perfected the bridal walk yet, that’s why I keep on practicing for the past few days with my shoes on. Scared with the fact that I could get tripped not just on the wedding ceremony and the reception, I finally decided to get two pairs of wedding shoes for the sake of my toes – and saving myself from stumbling. Hehe.

1 high heeled shoes for the wedding ceremony, and 1 ballet flats for the reception. I badly needed these flats for the reception, most especially there’s a grand staircase on the venue. I also need these flats for the grand entrance scheme that Mark and I have been planning for a couple of days already. 

Supplier: Solemate & Centropelle ☻

My Non-Traditional Flower Girls

Don Bosco doesn’t allow showering of petals inside the church, so I looked for an option that would make my “little girls” appreciate the wedding ceremony. I wanted to prevent little girls from getting tantrums during the mass, so hubby to be and I decided to buy them teddy bears; instead of the normal flower basket with the not so “likeable” gift wrapper ribbons on the side. Hehe.

To make it more customized, I’m planning to put the paper flowers I have DIY’ed on the right ear of the teddy bear. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t get crumpled.  

*** This would also serve as our give away for them. 

Here was my inspiration when I thought of this idea.